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Our favourite tattoo designs of the week


As we step into the exciting world of tattoo artistry, we find an array of incredible designs and stories inked into the canvas of human skin. Each week, we're blown away by the sheer creativity and skill of our favourite tattoo artists. This week, we're kicking off our new series on tattoo art, where we highlight some of the most impressive and unique tattoos that caught our eye. 

In this article, we bring you five stunning tattoos from artists that caught our attention and left us in awe. Let's explore these masterpieces and celebrate the skill and talent of these incredible artists. And remember, a beautiful tattoo style deserves the best care. You can check out our tattoo aftercare products here.

Tarot card tattoo by Courtney (@littlehippietattoo)

The first piece we're featuring is a tarot card tattoo from our sponsored artist, Courtney, a tattoo artist at @blackmoon_tattoostudio. She takes inspiration from "The Last of Us", a popular video game, but gives it a unique spin. The central image features two "clickers", but they're not menacing as in the game. Instead, they are designed as lovers facing each other, capturing an intimate moment within the borders of a tarot card.

The use of black and grey ink adds a stark contrast that highlights every minute detail, from the intricate features of the "clickers" to the gentle touch of their intertwined forms. 

We love how Courtney blends video game inspiration into the tarot concept to create this impressive piece. It's the bold creativity we celebrate and want to highlight.




Manga-inspired tattoo by Ashley (@ashleynewtontattoo)

Ashley Newton is one of our sponsored artists whose creativity and precision stand out in the field of anime and manga-inspired tattoos. We particularly adore this vibrant and colourful masterpiece featuring a muscular anime character draped in captivating shades of red. The intensity and vitality of the design, coupled with the stunning visual effect of the rich colours he puts into this piece, perfectly capture the essence of this dynamic genre. This can serve as inspiration for tattoos for men.

We were amazed by his unique ability to bring this animated character tattoo design to life on the skin. The way he manages to capture the character's personality, the storyline, and those eye-popping visuals that make anime and manga so beloved is simply mind-blowing!  His skills are really impressive, and we can't wait to show you more of his work.

Geometric tattoo by Tony (@tkennedyuk)

We're proud to showcase one of the works of our talented sponsored artists, and we're putting a spotlight on a particular piece by Tony Kennedy. We've always been drawn to Tony's work because of his unique blend of styles, and this certain piece is no exception.

Now, let's talk about this particular piece by Tony that we're so excited about! Imagine a neon and traditional mix coming together in a mesmerizing geometric tattoo that practically radiates with energy. It's an absolute showstopper! The way Tony seamlessly combines classic lines with vibrant, modern neon elements is just captivating, and you can't help but be drawn to it. This artwork truly demonstrates Tony's exceptional talent and creativity.

And if you're captivated by the vibrancy of this piece, you should try checking out the Radiant Neotrad Colour Set to add such striking colours to your own works.




Patchwork tattoo by Molly (@mollydavistattoos)

Presenting to you one of the most stunning pieces we've come across recently, the playful patchwork tattoo crafted by Molly, a tattoo artist at @satoritattoostudiouk. This one caught our attention for its bright colours and the creative twist it puts on a popular character. And yes, you've guessed it, it's a Pokemon. It's just pure fun, a nod to the beloved game that many of us have grown up playing. This is an ideal option if you're seeking fun tattoo ideas or considering getting a small tattoo.

Molly's tattoo is an embroidered patch style, giving it a unique texture and making it look almost tangible. It's as if you could reach out and feel the rough thread under your fingertips. The colours pop, adding a vibrant touch that makes the Pokemon character come to life. Each patch seems to have been stitched with love and attention, and we can't help but smile every time we see it. In a sea of black and white, Molly's tattoo stands out, reminding us all of the joy of being unique and different.

Floral tattoo sleeve by Dani (@dani.b_artist)

The fifth and final piece that we can't help but highlight is the floral tattoo sleeve by the talented artist Dani. What struck us immediately about this piece wasn't just the sheer size of it - a full sleeve is a commitment! - but the intricate linework that Dani uses to bring her art to life. Every stroke seems carefully planned and executed, resulting in a level of detail that is both intricate and delicate.




This sleeve sports a range of different flowers - roses, lilies, and sunflowers - each bringing a unique charm to the piece. But it's not all petals and stems; a butterfly flutters amongst the blossoms, adding movement to the still-life garden. It's not often we see line work this refined. If you're planning to get sleeve tattoos, this one is worth it.

Dani's attention to detail has us in awe every time we look at it. And the best part? It's like carrying a bouquet wherever you go. And isn't that something we all crave?

The best tattoo art inspiration of the week

These meaningful tattoo designs not only showcase impressive technical skills but also embody the artists' distinct vision, passion, and ability to bring various themes to life on the skin. We just love watching the magic happen!

As we marvel at these designs, remember that the choice of tattoo ink plays a significant role in bringing these artistic visions to life. Consider exploring our high-quality range of ink to make your own designs really stand out.

We hope you've enjoyed our favourite tattoos of the week. Stay tuned for more of our favourite tattoos in the upcoming posts. Let these tattoo ideas inspire you, whether you're seeking to create meaningful tattoos or simply love the art of tattooing. Remember, every tattoo is a bold expression of individuality, a visual statement that sets you apart from the crowd. So, what will your next tattoo look like?



We've been really loving bird tattoo designs recently! From delicate sparrows to detailed eagle tattoo ideas, these tattoos embody a sense of freedom and evoke the beauty of nature. Tribal tattoos of birds make such powerful statements, while other tattoo styles can give a bird tattoo a more delicate touch.

At the moment, we are crazy about finger tattoos done in the minimalist tattoo style. There are many fun tattoo ideas for this placement, or you can be very subtle in how you choose to express yourself. One of the best tattoo ideas for the finger is a small infinity tattoo—this always looks gorgeous!

No, we definitely don't think so! Traditional tattoos have been around for centuries, and they still remain immensely popular. It's a timeless style that is a great choice if you want to make a statement with your ink. We'd love to feature a traditional tattoo artist in the weeks to come!

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