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Our favourite tattoo designs of the week (2)


Welcome to our weekly round-up of the most captivating tattoo ideas that have piqued our interest! As a supplier of all the best aftercare products, tattoo ink, and more, we are consistently amazed by the work our tattoo artists produce.

Prepare to be captivated as we present five incredibly cool tattoo ideas from exceptionally talented artists. So, without further ado, let's dive into our favourite tattoo designs.

Palm tree tattoo by Amy (@amy_ellistattoos)

We can't get enough of this photo-realistic tattoo style by our sponsored artist, Amy! The delicate shading and meticulous detailing of the palm tree and beach scene are nothing short of mesmerising.

And those waves... they're so lifelike, you can practically feel the sea breeze. Trust us when we say, this palm tree tattoo design is as close as you can get to having your own personal beach, right there on your skin! Kudos to Amy for another spectacular piece of art.


Cool tattoo designs of the week, including a palm tree tattoo and Barbie tattoo


Barbie tattoo by Matt (@theyoul)

To commemorate the release of the Barbie film, sponsored artist Matt threw it back on his Instagram account to one of his fantastic Barbie tattoos from the past. We love how he puts an edgy twist on the original Barbie figure by giving her a set of cheek dermal piercings and a large neck tattoo. In our opinion, this is nothing short of a 'Badass Barbie' tattoo.

For curious cinema-goers, be sure to check out our blog post about The Barbie cast and their tattoos here.

Goat tattoo by Danny (@dannywildhorses)

A goat often symbolises determination and strength, and that's exactly what sponsored artist Danny captured in this bold tattoo design. From its vivid eyes to the detailing on the horns, every single aspect of this piece screams confidence and power.

Danny's line work and colour choices really bring this piece to life. Traditional tattoos never fail to disappoint!


Our favourite tattoo designs of the week


Dotwork tattoo by Megan (@moostattoos_)

We mentioned last week how we would love to see more finger tattoos, and this delicate dotwork tattoo by Megan is just divine! We love how she carefully wraps the leaves round the client's finger and each mark has been delicately placed to create a truly unique piece of art.

This simple tattoo design proves that size doesn't matter when it comes to creating meaningful tattoos, and is sure to leave you feeling inspired.

Celestial tattoo by Shaun (@shaund_tattoos)

This celestial tattoo scene by Shaun is one of our favourite half-sleeve tattoos we've seen in a while. This piece of body art is a great family tattoo as it depicts the client's two daughters staring out into the universe.


Celestial tattoo design with negative space


The use of negative space really contrasts against the dark starry night sky and gives the design life. Plus, we love how Shaun nails the foreground using a really deep black tattoo ink to make the figures stand out.

Our favourite tattoo design ideas of the week

That's all for this week's showcase, folks! We hope you've loved these cool tattoo designs as much as we have. A massive thank you to all our customers and talented artists who continue to push the boundaries of creativity and skill.

Remember, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, inspiration can come from anywhere – even from a weekly round-up like this one. Don't forget to follow each tattoo artist to keep your feeds filled with cool tattoo ideas. Till next week, keep those needles buzzing and the creativity flowing!




Tribal tattoos are among our favourite tattoo ideas at the moment. Their bold and striking dark solid marks make these perfect tattoos for men and women looking to make a statement with their ink.

Dragon tattoo designs are always super popular. Whether it be classic mythological dragons or more modern takes on their form, a dragon tattoo is a great way to incorporate symbolism and stories into your body art.

Yes! When you need ideas, don't forget to look outside the box – think of things you're passionate about, places you've been to, and stories that have touched your heart. Translating these ideas into a tattoo design will make sure the artwork is unique and will lead to a meaningful tattoo.

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  • Sarah Crookes