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Our favourite tattoo designs of the New Year 2024


Happy New Year, tattoo lovers! As we enter a fresh year, it's the perfect time to reflect on the stunning artistry that graced skin canvases worldwide. Tattoos are expressions of personality, stories untold, and symbols of what we hold dear. In this special edition of our inspirational blog, we've rounded up our favourite tattoos of the new year.

From cosmic wonders to magical realms, these tattoos are not just trends; they're timeless pieces of art that resonate with us. So, let's dive into this inked journey and find inspiration for your next piece.

Nebula eye tattoo (@ryandaviestattoo)

Hey, tattoo lovers! Kicking off our favourite tattoos of the new year, we've got something truly out of this world. Imagine a stunning sleeve tattoo that's a cosmic journey in itself. At the centre of this masterpiece is an eye, but not just any eye. This is an eye made entirely of a mesmerizing nebula swirling with the colours of a distant galaxy. It's like gazing into the universe through a mystical lens.

Additionally, intricate geometric patterns surround this eye, adding a touch of sharp precision and contrast to the fluid, ethereal nebula. It's a beautiful blend of the cosmos and geometry, making it a perfect piece for those who love to merge the mysteries of space with the clarity of shapes.

If you're looking for a tattoo that's both an artistic statement and a conversation starter, this Nebula Eye is a must-see.


ryandaviestattoo -


Wizard tattoo (

Next up on our list of favourites is a piece that's bound to cast a spell on you! Step into the magical world with this bold and bright wizard tattoo. It is designed in the classic traditional tattoo style and brings nostalgia and timelessness.

At the heart of this enchanting design is a wise old wizard, depicted in rich, vivid colours that truly bring him to life. He's not just standing there; he's in the midst of weaving magic, with a wand in one hand and a glowing magic ball in the other.

Moreover, the colours are quintessentially wizardly - think deep blues, mystical reds, and pops of starry yellows that make the whole scene sparkle. This tattoo is a perfect tribute to the magic of the old world, ideal for anyone who loves fantasy, magic, and the allure of a good old-fashioned wizard tale. It's not just a tattoo; it's a portal to a world where magic reigns supreme.

Apple tattoo (@lydiatattoos)

Moving on to a different realm of artistry, we have a simply delicious piece to look at – the apple tattoo. This isn't just any fruit tattoo; it's a botanical wonder that captures the essence of nature in a stunningly realistic style.

The apple is designed with precision and attention to detail, like you could reach out and pluck it right off the skin. The colours are what makes this tattoo truly stand out. The apple is a vibrant, juicy red, so lifelike that you can almost taste the crisp sweetness. Its leaves are a lush green, adding a natural contrast that makes the red even more striking.

This tattoo celebrates simplicity and beauty in nature, perfect for anyone who appreciates the understated elegance of botanical art. It's a subtle yet powerful statement, a reminder of the simple pleasures in life. Whether you're a lover of nature, an admirer of realistic art, or someone who finds beauty in everyday objects, this apple tattoo is sure to captivate.


lydiatattoos - hayleykeetattoos


Ghost face Polaroid tattoo (@hayleykeetattoos)

Brace yourselves, horror fans, because our next favourite tattoo is a thrilling tribute to one of the most iconic figures in the genre. Presenting the ghost face polaroid tattoo, inspired by the chilling classic, 'Scream'. This tattoo is a creative blend of nostalgia and terror. Imagine the ghost face, the notorious mask of the thriller, captured as if in a Polaroid photo. It's a snapshot of horror, frozen in time on your skin.

The Polaroid is an artwork with a menacing 'Call Me' scribbled below the image, adding an eerie touch of interaction. Beside the Polaroid, there's a chillingly realistic knife, its presence amplifying the sense of impending dread. And to complete the scene, there's a splash of red, reminiscent of blood, across the Polaroid, hinting at the horror that Ghostface represents.

This tattoo is more than just ink; it's a story, a moment of suspense, perfect for those who appreciate the horror and thriller movies and the artistry of tattoos that tell a tale. It's a bold statement, a blend of fear and fascination, ideal for anyone who loves to wear their love for thrillers on their sleeve.

Carl and balloons tattoo from 'Up' (@brentgoudie)

And for our final favourite, we have a heartwarming piece that will lift your spirits – literally! Introducing the Carl Tattoo, inspired by the beloved Disney character Carl Fredricksen from the movie 'Up'. This tattoo is a vibrant celebration of adventure and dreams. Picture Carl, the lovable, grumpy old man transformed into an adorable tattoo. He's holding a cluster of balloons, each a burst of colour – vivid reds, blues, yellows, and greens, creating a rainbow that seems to dance on your skin.

The magic of this tattoo lies in how Carl appears to be lifting off into the sky, carried away by the balloons. It's a beautiful representation of hope, dreams, and the spirit of adventure. This tattoo is perfect for anyone with a special place in their heart for the whimsy and wonder of 'Up'. It's not just a piece of art; it's a reminder always to keep your dreams alive and believe in adventure's power.

With its delightful charm and vibrant colours, this Carl Tattoo is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see it.




Our top tattoo inspirations of the New Year

That wraps up our roundup of favourite tattoos for the new year! Each piece is not just a work of art but a story, a memory, a piece of magic. Something here will inspire your next ink, whether you're into the cosmos, fantasy, nature, thrills, or whimsical adventures. As we look forward to more creative explorations in ink this year, we hope these favourites have inspired you to think about your next piece of art.

Remember, tattoos are more than just designs – they're expressions of who you are and what you love. So, which one will you choose to tell your story this year?

And remember to check back next week for more awe-inspiring tattoo ideas.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz