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5 tattoo inspiration ideas that we loved on Instagram this week


We've all been there. You're scrolling through Instagram, seeing countless breathtaking tattoo designs, and you're overwhelmed. Which trendy tattoo truly speaks to you? Which one will resonate with you not just today, but decades from now? With a plethora of artistic talent and endless design possibilities at our fingertips, finding the perfect tattoo ideas can feel daunting.

To ease your indecision, we've curated a list of the top 5 tattoos that made a mark on Instagram this week. Dive in to uncover some of the best ink inspirations and perhaps, find the one that calls out to you.

Octopus drummer tattoo (@matty_roughneck)

In the dynamic world of tattoo artistry, our sponsored artist, Matty, stands out with a recent creation that marries the mysteries of the deep sea with the energetic beats of percussion. Featuring a luminescent yellow octopus, not traditionally depicted in this vibrant hue, the tattoo draws immediate attention.

But the true twist lies in the octopus's tentacles, each clutching a drumstick, ready to lay down a rhythmic beat. This imaginative design showcases Matty's talent in merging contrasting worlds, serving as a testament to both his creative vision and high-quality products. If tattoos could jam, this octopus would be leading the band!

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matty_roughneck -paulokink

Geometric landscape backpiece tattoo (@paulokink)

Our sponsored tattoo artist, Paul, just dropped a stunning geometric landscape backpiece tattoo that’s got us all starry-eyed. At first glance, you’re greeted by this intricate dotwork that meticulously brings the design to life. Imagine the serenity of a camping forest, the kind where you’d sit by a crackling fire with a marshmallow stick in hand – now picture that, but with an edgy geometric twist.

It flawlessly merges the organic feel of nature with sharp geometric patterns, creating a contrast that's nothing short of hypnotic. The dotwork just adds that extra sprinkle of magic, giving depth and texture that makes the forest scene pop. It's like wearing a piece of art, a midnight forest dream on your back. Major props to Paul. If you’ve been hunting for that perfect combo of natural vibes and modern style, this might just be your next ink-spiration.

Dog portrait tattoo (@stephanie_melbourne)

The tattoo sports a cute dog face that would melt even the coldest of hearts. But what genuinely sets it apart are the soft colours Stephanie has masterfully chosen. They bring a sense of warmth and nostalgia, making the tattoo not just an art piece but a soothing memory etched on skin.

Besides being hardcore dog lovers (who isn't?), we liked this design because it perfectly blends classic tattooing with a modern twist. The soft colour palette gives it an almost whimsical touch, which, when paired with Stephanie's impeccable shading technique, turns into a breathtaking masterpiece. We've seen tons of traditional tattoos, but this one? It's got that special oomph that makes us go "I want one too!". Kudos, Stephanie.

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Odin sleeve tattoo (@toughlovetattoostudio)

The sheer detail and depth of the piece are unreal. The way @toughlovetattoostudio has brought Odin to life in the most lifelike shades of black and grey? Mind. Blown. This isn’t just a tattoo; it’s a masterful rendition of Norse mythology. The inclusion of the crow wings adds a layer of symbolism and intrigue, making the whole piece an ode to the ancient tales of power and mystery.

If tattoos could transport you to another era, this one's got "Viking era" written all over it (well, not literally, but you get the drift). If you want a tattoo idea that stands out and gets people talking, this might be the one. Cheers to @toughlovetattoostudio for keeping the legends alive and kicking – right on the skin.

Eye tattoo (@vievetattoos)

Four singular eyes, each one more hypnotic than the last. But hold on, it doesn't stop there. These aren't just any eyes; they're perfectly intertwined with delicate flowers and meticulous stippling that makes the whole piece pop. And the colour choice? Bold, pure black!

Look, there's something seriously mesmerising about how Vieve's taken the age-old eye tattoo and given it a botanical makeover. The mix of raw, intense eyes with the gentleness of the floral designs is pure genius. Plus, the stippling? That brings depth and texture, giving the tattoo style a vibe that's both vintage and avant-garde. It's moody, it's enchanting, and we're here for it. If tattoos could talk, this one's shouting "iconic" all day long!



Our top tattoo design ideas of the week

There you have it, folks! From intricate linework to bold splashes of colour, this week's top five tattoo styles on Instagram showcased the remarkable talent out there. Each piece was not only a testament to the artist's skill but also to the limitless canvas of human skin. Eager for more tattoo inspiration? Don’t sweat it! Join us next week for another round of cool tattoo ideas that'll leave you itching for some fresh ink. Until then, keep those Insta feeds lively and remember, art is everywhere — especially on the skin.

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