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10 Game of Thrones tattoos to get you in the mood for Season 7 | Tattoo Inks


So the new season of Game of Thrones kicked off recently for us here in the UK, you can rest assured that this post will not spoil anything from the latest episode, we are only going to be looking at some of the tattoos Game of Thrones fans have gotten as an ode to their favourite series. What better way to get in the mood for a return to violence and… the other stuff than looking over some awesome tattoo inks dedicated to the lore of Westeros. This isn't really a count down of quality just of ones I thought were the coolest. Feel free to leave a comment if you disagree.

Winter is Coming and Stark Insignia

I really like the thick lines and boldness of the text in this one. The Stark insignia is instantly recognisable along with the house words. Interestingly a LOT of the tattoos I found when researching for this post were Stark-centric so they must be a popular family, interesting for me because they are one of my least favourites but like I say you can hate me in the comments!




The Hands Pin

This is a really well-done tattoo, again with the use of the boldness and the uneven lines around the edges it resembles the pin perfectly. It looks like a forearm or possibly a calf tattoo, am I the only one that thinks this belongs on a chest?





Stark Words and Insignia

I love the look of this one as the artist has created a real stone like effect with the technique they have used. The crack, the writing and the insignia all look 3D. While I liked the thick lines in the first insignia we looked at, I think that the finer lines in this one just gives it such a serious look and what are the Starks if not serious?






I’m not going to lie I am only assuming this one is Drogon, it could easily be Rhaegal or Viserion, I still feel like I haven’t got a good enough look at them all individually yet. I really like the effect of this tattoo as the lines aren’t really heavily defined but it looks extremely detailed at the same time. The inverted effect of the ink really makes it look like the dragon is breathing fire!




The Three Eyed Raven

This three eyed raven is impressive with the amount of detail the artist has been able to achieve in a relatively small space. When I was looking at Game of Thrones tattoos there were many of the three eyed raven but I think I liked this one the most because it seemed to have more character than the others and the third eye stands out whereas with the others it seemed to get lost in the rest of the design.




The Night King

This is a fantastic portrait of the Night King with a white walker underlining him. The detail in the face is incredible with the crevices in his face standing out so prominently and those sinister eyes, it all really captures the severity and terror of this character. Also, the detail on his armour is impressive considering only a small amount of it is shown.





Lord Eddard Stark

Oh Ned, am I the only one hoping beyond hope you will be brought back some how. So incredibly unlikely seen as you haven’t got a head but anything can happen with this series so I’ll delude myself a little longer. I don’t think it needs to be pointed out that this is a great portrait, it captures the essence of Eddard perfectly with the bowed head and tired eyes. The detail in the hair is something that particularly caught my eye.




Tyrion Lannister

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Tyrion, he is funny, clever and I think we all secretly love smart arse. This portrait is instantly recognisable as Tyrion showing him with a thoughtful expression, something we’ve seen more of in recent seasons since things went a bit belly up for him. The scar really stands out and again the with the awesome detail in the hair!






Daenerys with Dragon

I have seen a lot of Daenerys portraits over the years since Game of Thrones came out and I’ve been hard pressed to find one that does her justice, this one might just be it. It looks like her for a start, most of the ones I’ve seen there has always been something off with the likeness that I can’t put my finger on. Other than it being an accurate representation, the look of determination on her face really says all you need to know about her character. The dragon behind her, I’m not sure which one, is so detailed and realistic, whoever this tattoo belongs to should be proud!



White Walker

I’m going to be honest I’m not sure if this guy has a name, but gee whiz this is a sweet tattoo. Such incredible detail, I love the use of tattoo inks that has given him that truly frosty look. The eyes especially are so mesmerising, surrounded by that barky textured face and cold expression. It is incredible what the artist has achieved here, I imagine this must have been one hell of a sitting.




So there are a few Game of Thrones tattoos to get you back in the spirit for the new season. These are pretty incredible tattoos and there are so many more out there, it was hard just picking ten. Let us know what you think, do you have a Game of Thrones tattoo? Remember if you are a tattoo artist that is looking for tattoo inks we sell them wholesale in our store!

Love Katy…







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  • Katy Jackson