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5 Traits a Successful Tattoo Artist Should Have


Like any other business, running a tattoo shop or a tattoo parlour isn't easy. It is a very competitive industry to be in. To become a successful in this industry, one must have passion, perseverance, and determination. But the major factor that will give impact to a tattoo business are their tattoo artists. 


Being a successful tattoo artist does not happen overnight, heck it doesn't even happen in a year! Skills should not only be learned but mastered. Artists should also familiarise themselves with the equipment, and other tools to be used before, during, and after the tattoo process.  


Here are 5 traits a tattoo artist should have to excel in this field. 


1. Artistic Ability 


Even if you're not naturally-born artistic, certain skills, techniques, and style can be practised and mastered to improve your existing abilities. People who love tattooing and have passion for the art are most likely to succeed in this field. Just like a painter with canvas and paint brush, the tattoo artist has tattoo machine, and the client's skin. The viewers will only appreciate the artwork once they see the final output.


2. Attention To Detail 


This skill is one of the most important things a tattoo artist needs to improve. Artists should also learn to keep an eye even to the smallest details. Listen carefully to what your client wants. Take note of all the details you need, and keep it in mind.


3. Curiosity 


Nothing is constant except change, this is also applicable to the tattoo industry. New tools and techniques are developed year after year. Keeping up with new techniques, trends, and new tools is important to survive in the industry. This is where curiosity helps big time. Just because an artist knows a lot, doesn't mean they need to stop learning and finding out new things. Artists should be curious, read magazines, attend trade shows, learn other countries' tattoo culture, and speak with other experts. This will not only keep them up to date, this will also help them become a better artist than you were before. 


4. Work Ethic 


Every professional needs to follow proper work ethics, yes even tattoo artists. This will definitely help them earn respect in the industry. People will see them as someone who's reliable, trustworthy, and efficient in their craft.


5. Adaptability 


The road to becoming a successful tattoo artist requires being able to adjust to their environment. Tattoo artists should have the ability to work with all kinds of people.  Clients and other tattoo artists or tattoo owners will have different opinions, and ideas. You need to be able to relate to them, and communicate with them in a professional manner.  


As I have mentioned earlier, a lot of changes happen day after day. New tools and equipment are introduced by different manufacturers. Different inks are being developed, and trends change from time to time. As a tattoo artist, you have to be able to adapt to these changes or else you'll get left behind. 

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  • Matthew Nelson