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8 Fabulous Pet Portraits! | True Gent Cartridge Supplier

A tattoo trend that I'm absolutely crazy about is Pet Portraits! As a lover of animals (and owner and best pal to a beautiful Golden Retriever), there's nothing I love more than seeing tattoos of people's beloved cats, dogs, and everything else in between.
Just as people choose to get tribute tattoos of family members to honour their loved ones, past and present, I think it's particularly touching when people decide to honour and immortalise their pets on their skin - and the best thing about it is the personal touches that can be added to really encapsulate the individual characteristics and personality of the pet.
I have a tattoo on my leg of my lovely dog Harvey, wearing one of my beanie hats.  He steals them from me all the time, so I thought it was quite fitting to incorporate this into the portrait.  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, a True Gent Cartridge Supplier, we love seeing different tattoos, so let's have a look at some of the cutest pet portraits out there!

Charlotte Ann Harris, one of our brilliant Sponsored Artist absolutely kills it at pet portraits! I love seeing Charlotte's work, as she specialises in animal tattoos, and it's fun seeing how she gives each pet tattoo it's own little personality. These pieces are stunning!   



I'm in love with these pooch portraits by Charlotte Eleanor!  I've been a big fan of Charlotte's work for a long time, and I love how intricate and detailed her neo-traditional pieces always are.  She does some really lovely animal tattoos, so make sure you check out her work!



These awesome pet portraits by Gibbo are really cool! This cat looks like a total rebel, and I love the little bandanna! It's nice seeing photos of the actual pet next to the tattoo to see the similarities between the two.



These pet portraits are most definitely my favourite.  Done by Arielle Gagnon in Montreal, they're so detailed and I'm a huge fan of beads and jewels on animal tattoos.  I'm sure the dogs would love these tributes, and I reckon these little dogs are just as beautiful in real life!



If any of you guys have pet portraits, please tag us in your pics and let us know in the comments!  Whether you've got a pretty parrot tattoo or a hadnsome hamster, we'd love to see them!!  Remember, we're a True Gent Cartridge Supplier, so make sure you check them out on our website!


Love Toni...


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  • Antonia McLoughlin