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8 Spooky Horror themed tattoos this Halloween! | Wholesale Tattoo Studio Supplies UK


Halloween is here, so I wanted to take a look at some of the best Halloween and Horror themed tattoos around!  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we love everything about Halloween, especially watching all of the extra horror movies that are added to Netfilx!  We think it's great that some horror fans have gone the extra mile with their dedication to the genre by getting Horror themed tattoos.  Others have marked their love for Halloween with cute and creepy Halloweeny themed pieces (which is a beautiful reminder of Halloween all year round!).  As a Wholesale Tattoo Studio Supplies company in the UK, we’re obsessed with all things tattoos, so let’s have a look at some stunningly spooky Halloween and Horror tattoos!...


  1. From the master of horror tattoos, Paul Acker! I love this creepy Chucky tattoo, and Child’s Play is one of my favourite films. Chucky’s evil glint in his eye has been captured perfectly here!


2. This Freddy Kreuger piece Valentina Ryabova is horrifyingly amazing! I love the way she’s encapsulated every bit of detail in Freddy’s skin, and the detailed scene added on to Freddy’s hat is truly eerie.


3. This Skeleton piece by Khan Tattoo is spectacular. It’s simplistic yet really detailed and realistic.  The perfect ode to Halloween.


4. I totally love all of the cool horror tattoos done by Alex Wright.  He has a really unique style and often does tattoos of iconic 80’s horror scenes, accompanied by bold writing.  This Pet Sematary tattoo is awesome!


5. I adore this cute Pumpkin tattoo by Charlotte Eleanor.  I think it’s a beautiful way for the client to showcase their love for Halloween all year round! 


6. From the Master of Realism, Nikko Hurtado!  This Evil Dead tattoo is creepily picture perfect in every way! 


7. I’m in love with this Scary Movie themed tattoo by Pomme tattoo.  An iconic character from an iconic scary movie!  I think this is a great piece of work, and it’s nice to see a horror movie tattoo in a totally different style to realism.  


8. This Friday 13th piece from Paul Acker tattoo is brilliant, and the epitome of all things Halloween!  I love how it looks like the moonlight is shining on Jason Vorheer’s mask, adding to his terrifying look!


So there you have it!  A handful of some of the most wonderful Horror and Halloween themed tattoos out there!  If you have any scary horror themed tattoos that you’d like to show us, feel free to tag us in some pictures, and chat with us in the comments section! Don’t forget to check out our range of Wholesale Tattoo Studio Supplies UK.


Love Toni...





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