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A Pound of Flesh - The 3D Portfolio | Tattoo Goo


One of the most interesting and innovative products to hit the tattoo industry in the last few years is the realistic looking synthetic tattooable limb(s) from U.S company A Pound of Flesh.  Available in the form of hands, arms, feet, and legs, A Pound of Flesh limbs are essentially tattooable body parts, shaped like realistic limbs that allow tattoo artists to create a 3-Dimensional portfolio. 

Here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, a stockist of Tattoo Goo, we absolutely love really creative products like A Pound of Flesh limbs which really make a big impact in then tattoo industry, so let's have a look into these realistic tattooable limbs and see what all the fuss is about! 

The team at A Pound of Flesh stated "It is our mission to create an experience closest to tattooing real skin. It’s main purpose is to help apprentice and beginning tattoo artists to learn the techniques of tattooing without having to actually practices on real people. This will hopefully cut down on the amount of poorly executed tattoos done by beginners."

This is a really good idea, as the inexperienced artist can practice on something more realistic, giving them a more truer to life experience working on the synthetic skin, than tattooing practice skins and oranges.  What I love about A Pound of Flesh though, is the way experienced tattoo artists use the limbs to showcase their work, taking them to tattoo conventions to set out alongside their portfolios, and displaying them proudly above their work stations in their studios. 

A stunning tattoo done on 'A Pound of Flesh' limb from Danny Edwards at Bold Street Tattoo

A Pound of Flesh, for many artists is used for the purpose of creating a beautiful piece of work, rather than just as a means of practice, and it's a firsthand way for clients to see the quality of their work when they visit the artist's studio.  There's also been a wonderful exhibition on at the National Maritime Museum of Cornwall that centers on A Pound of Flesh. '100 hands' displayed the stunning work of one hundred tattoo artists who each tattooed an arm with a design of their choice, to be immortalised on one of the arms. 

We've had a lot of customers purchase these limbs, and it's always fun seeing the work that they create on them.  If you've tattooed one of the Pound of Flesh limbs then we'd absolutely love to see your work, so why not leave us a comment below?

The limbs are available on our website and start at just £43.99 - so if you're after something a little different, and want to be able to showcase your work in a unique way, then check them out here:  Don't forget to check out the biggest selection of Tattoo Goo over on our website too!


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  • Antonia McLoughlin