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Amazing Always Sunny Tattoos - Buy Tattoo Aftercare Online

One of the most hilarious TV shows of the past decade (in our humble opinion) is without a shadow of a doubt It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Set in... you guessed it - Philadelphia, the show follows a gang of 5 friends with disproportionately big egos who are trying rather unsuccessfully to run Irish Bar Paddy's Pub, whilst navigating their ways through work and relationships.  

The egocentric gang includes Frank, the eldest and most eccentric of the bunch, Charlie, Mac, Dennis and his sister Dee.  They each have their faults and quirks, but as a group 'the gang' always seem to come together to overcome whatever adversity it is that gets in their way, one way or another!

This hilarious TV show has racked up quite the following, so it's not surprising to see hoards of fans sporting their Always Sunny tattoos. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy tattoo aftercare online, we've rounded up some of our favourite It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia themed tattoos.  Let us know what you think!...

Done by Dylan Sartin

Done by Christina Parsons

Done by Jamie Allan

Done by Niamh Coughlan

Done by Matt Youl

Done by Nick Jackson

Done by Seth Rock

Done by Matt Youl

We really hope you've enjoyed these Always Sunny tattoos!  From Dee as a 'dumb bird' to Frank Reynolds and his rum ham, whichever character you love the most, there's an Always Sunny in Philadelphia tattoo for everyone!  If you've recently had a tattoo and are in need of something for the healing process then why not head over to our website where you can buy tattoo aftercare online?

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  • Antonia McLoughlin