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Amazing Mandala Tattoos | Rotary Tattoo Machines



Tattoo trends come and go, but one of my favourite trends at the moment (one that’s been around for a while but seems to have become a lot more prevalent over the past few years) is Mandala tattoos. Mandalas are spiritual figures that represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. It’s a beautiful metaphysical representation of the cosmos, so it’s not surprising that given its spiritual meaning and aesthetically pleasing symmetrical qualities it’s became a really popular subject for tattooing.

There are endless possibilities with Mandala designs, (with the same unique kind of principle like a kaleidoscope or snowflake), so it’s great to see all of the different variations of Mandalas that tattoo artists produce. Whether you’re an old school tattoo artist who loves coil tattoo machines, or a neo-traditional artist who loves trying new rotary tattoo machines, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the beauty and splendour of mandala tattoos!  I have one myself, and I totally love it. 

Check out some of these stunning Mandala pieces!

A beautiful geometric dotwork Mandala by Nial Shannon.  This one must have hurt, but definitely worth it!

This one from Dane Tattoo is an absolute stunner.  I love trad style Mandalas, and I think the colour scheme is really nice, and a bit different to the usual red colour scheme that's used in a lot of traditional tattoos. 

Part of 2 sleeves by Alexis Calvie.  These are totally beautiful in their own way, and I love how each arm features the same subject, but both look so distinctively different to one and other. 

Another one from Niall Shannon.  A little different to his last piece we featured.  This one is a really traditional Mandala with some lovely trad leaves, with really bold lines.  An excellent piece of work!


One more from Niall, this back piece is spectacular.  I love how bold the black is as it really accentuates the geometrical pattern.  A truly wonderful tattoo. 


I really like this one by Pable De. The centre of this is mesmerising and almost looks hypnotic.  It's very bold and vibrant, and really stands out. 

If you have a Mandala tattoo, let us know in the comments!  We love seeing the work that you guys have had done.  Or, if you're an artist yourself and have done some Mandala pieces that you'd like us to feature then just give us a shout.  Don't forget to check out our huge collection of Rotary tattoo machines on the website. 


Love Toni...



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