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An AI can tell you what kind of tattoo you have! | Tattoo Needle Suppliers


I came across an article on TNW about two programmers that have programmed an AI to understand different types of tattoos and I think that it is too cool!  have always been intrigued by the concept of AI's and if Elon Musk is to be believed they are the greatest threat to humanity! I don't think that we need be worried about this AI though as all it does it tell you about tattoos, so it's not too scary. Here at MTS we are a tattoo needle suppliers and we love technology so let's talk about this AI!

Firstly, the AI exists on an app created by the lovely people over at Tattoodo and what it does is it takes a picture of your tattoo or any tattoo, and it tells you what kinds of styles the tattoo is. This is a pretty nifty tool for defining the exact style of a tattoo as nowadays there are so many and artists are always creating more! For a tattoo enthusiast like myself, it sounds like something I would use often, and for a tattoo needle suppliers we are always interested what style tattoos are in! Even for someone who isn't totally crazy about tattoos, it's something they can use to check what styles their own tattoos are if they don't know and would like to find out.

So how does the AI work? Basically, many data sets have been entered into it. This means that images of tattoos are entered into the AI and tagged as what style they are, from their the AI learns to associate the different styles with the different images of tattoos. So magic basically. The more images of tattoos that are entered into the AI the more it learns and the more accurate it will be. Amazing!

What do you think? Are you afraid AI's will take over the world? Would you use this app? Let us know in the comments! Remember, if you are a tattoo artist looking for tattoo needles then MTS is a tattoo needle suppliers and you can find them in our store!

Love Katy....



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  • Katy Jackson