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Beautiful Bee Tattoos | Buy Stencil Honey Online

Bees are a super cute idea for tattoos. Contrary to some belief about Bees, they’re actually friendly and fuzzy creatures who work hard alongside the other bees in their community. They’re quite happy to get along with their day, and will rarely ever sting anyone (only when feeling threatened). 

Bee Tattoo designs come in all shapes and sizes, and can have a lot of different symbolism. The worker bee represents work ethic and drive, and the Queen Bee is a sassier type of Bee which people often represent in a decorative way when it comes to Tattoos! Of course in the past couple of years the Manchester Bee has become a symbol of solidarity and unity against the tragic terror attack, with a worker bee symbol to show strength of community. 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Stencil Honey online, we’ve rounded up some incredibly cute bee tattoos done by our Sponsored Artists. Check them out here! 

‘a Bee’. Such a cute little piece from Stephanie Melbourne.

We’re in love with this bright and colourful bee from Georgiie Gibbs. 

This girly bee hand tattoo by Stephanie Melbourne is absolutely insane. We love everything about it. 

A super little traditional bee done by Danny Taylor. Lovely work.

A pretty little bee done by Georgiie Gibbs.

Last but not least, a beautiful intricate blackwork piece featuring a gorgeous bee, done by Georgiie Gibbs. 

If you’re going to be creating some beautiful bee tattoos then why not try out the brand new Stencil Honey online? It’s a fabulous new Stencil primer that keeps your stencils locked in place for the duration of your tattoo. Not only that but it smells great! 

Love Toni

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