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Beautiful Black & Grey Religious-themed Tattoos | Radiant Shading Solution


If there's one tattoo trend that never seems to go out of fashion, it's religious-themed tattoos.  Religious tattoos are typically black and grey, which emphasises their sombre, tranquil nature. They often come in the form of large-scale pieces like sleeves and back-pieces to allow for the many religious elements that can be incorporated into the tattoo.

Typically, religious themed tattoos feature portraits of Jesus and Mary, which are often accompanied with imagery of doves, clouds, rosary beads, and crucifixes. Those who want to express their faith can do so by receiving a religious tattoo. Some people may not be devout believers, but still find the imagery beautiful and opt for a religious-themed sleeve to express their spirituality. 
Black and grey really is the go to style for religious tattoos, and with an array of great black and grey inks and shading solutions on the market, such as the Radiant Shading Solution, it's not suprising that there are so many incredible black and grey artists out there creating religious-themed tattoos with such depth and detail. 

We've narrowed down some of the most stunning religious themed tattoos done by our Sponsored Artists. If religious tattoos are your thing, then why not check out these beautiful black and grey religious-themed tattoos?

These four religious tattoos were all done by our Pro-Team member Troy Tuck.  Troy is known for his stunning black and grey work, and his religious-themed tattoos are always really powerful. The thing we love most about Troy's work is his unique style and the way he contrasts soft black and grey shading, and the bold linework that isn't typically associated with black and grey tattooing. It gives his tattoos a striking quality that's really eye-catching. 

Mary and Jesus, both done by our incredibly talented Sponsored Artist Pete 'Lord' Nelson.  Pete is renowned for his stunning black and grey work, and it's not suprising that his customers will continuously come to him for their religious tattoos. 

A hauntingly good piece from our Sponsored Artist Amy Ellis.  Amy's work often consists of skulls with religious crosses incorporated into them.  A religious-themed tattoo with a dark twist. 

We'd really like to see some more religous-themed tattoos, so if you're a black and grey artist who has created tattoos of a religious nature then we'd love to hear from you.  It's always interesting to see the unique designs that tattoo artists come up with for religious themed pieces, so why not get in touch by leaving us a comment in the box below?  Don't forget, if you're looking for the perfect solution to dilute your black and grey inks with then make sure you try out Radiant Shading Solution which is available to buy on our online store. 

Love Toni

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