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Beautiful Floral Tattoos By Sammie Jones - Buy Butterluxe Tattoo Care

If there's one tattoo theme that we are completely in love with, it's floral tattoos.  They can be the most small and simple of tattoos, or they can be extensive and elaborate, and it seems that no matter what style of tattooing floral tattoos are made in, they always look super pretty.  Of course, there are hundreds of different species of flowers and foliage out there that are eye-catchingly beautiful, so naturally this translates well into tattoos.  Whether in the form of a full colour realism piece, dotwork, traditional, or neo-trad, floral tattoos look great in any style.  They can be the perfect gap filler, or look magnificent as a sleeve.  The possibilities are endless. 

There are lots of amazing artists out there who specialise in floral tattoos, and an artist whose work we are completely in awe of and perfects any floral-themed tattoo that she does, is Sammie Jones.  Based at Bridge Street Tattoo in Chester, Sammie specialises in colourful floral tattoos that consist of dreamy roses, forget me nots, peonies, and all manner of incredible flowers.  A fan of Butterluxe Tattoo Care, Sammie also creates beautiful artwork in various forms including oil paintings.  Her prints are available to be purchased via her website.  Sammie also has her own line of merchandise, 'Fat Dagger', which consists of some stunning tattoo inspired apparel.

We're so pleased that Sammie is on our team of sponsored artists, and we're excited to see the great things that she'll be doing this year now that lockdown has been lifted.  Make sure you check out Sammie's incredible tattoos and oil paintings here, and let us know which one you love the most. 

We hope you've enjoyed this beautiful artwork done by Sammie.  If you'd like to check out more of her work then make sure you head over to her Instagram page.  If like Sammie you're a fan of the Butterluxe Tattoo Care range then make sure you check it out right here.  There's a brilliant range of products including soothing green soaps, aftercare balms, and soothing aid sprays.  We also stock a huge range of other tattoo aftercare products from trusted brands such as Tattoo Goo, Dermalize, YAYO Familia, and many more!  

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  • Antonia McLoughlin