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Matches Made in Heaven: Tattoo Equipment Edition


As February rolls around again, the focus moves once more to couples and Valentine's Day. To celebrate this 'month of love', we will be taking a look at some of the strongest duos in the tattoo supplies world. The best tattoo equipment can easily be combined to form an unstoppable tattooing setup. Below, we run through some of our favourite pieces and their reliable 'other halves'.

FK Irons EXO and Powerbolt

For our first perfect pair we have the powerful FK Irons Exo and the equally impressive PowerBolt. The EXO is a great choice of machine for lining, colour packing, and solid colour works. While it can be used with a suitable RCA connection, when paired with the FK Irons PowerBolt, artists can take their tattooing to the next level. By removing the detachable RCA module with a simple twist, users can attach the PowerBolt and use their tattoo equipment wirelessly instead. Offering up to 10 hours of power with only a 90-minute charge time, the PowerBolt allows you to take full control of your machine with no cables to hold you back, making this our first perfect pair.

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Drive Tattoo Machine

Another great duo to have by your side is the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Drive accompanied with a Cheyenne Hawk Grip. The Thunder Drive is another great tattoo machine to have in the studio due to its lightweight and ergonomic design. A powerful piece of rotary tattoo equipment, it allows you to easily perform lining, shading and colouring with minimal vibrations. However, the machine would not be complete without it's other half: the Cheyenne Hawk Grip. Available in a variety of colours, it makes for a stylish accompaniment to your machine, and gives a more personalised touch. Plus, it ensures you maintain a reliable grip on your machine to continue tattooing with precision. Overall, these two pieces form a powerful machine set up.

Critical X-R Power Supply and Footswitch tattoo equipment

The Critical Atom X-R Power Supply and CXP19 Wireless Footswitch are another example of some of the best tattoo equipment coming together to form a powerful pair. The Atom X-R Power Supply is available in three different colourways, Black/Black, Rosegold/Black and Rosegold/White, yet all are equally impressive as each other. Used in conjunction with the Critical CXP19 Wireless Footswitch, tattoo artists can enjoy a completely wireless operation of their power supply.

X Power LCD Touchscreen Power Supply tattoo equipment

To round off our list, we have the X Power LCD Touchscreen Power Supply! We have not included a specific piece of tattoo equipment to best complete this partnership, as it will work with a great variety of machines. This power supply has numerous customisation options and features, including a timing function and temperature read outs. The responsive touchscreen allows you to easily switch between modes, to help you create a great tattoo power supply set up!

If you're searching for some new tattoo equipment to buy, add some of these pairings to your basket today. Or take a look at some of the other tattoo machines and power supplies that we offer, to find your own perfect match!

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  • Sarah Crookes