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Bewitching Tattoos by Georgiie Gibbs | Tattoo Needle Cartridges


We absolutely love the intricate neo-traditional tattoos done by our wonderful sponsored artist Georgiie Gibbs, and we wanted to share some of the beautifully bewitching work that she’s done.  The supernatural subject matter that features regularly in Georgiie's tattoos takes shape in the form of planchettes, tarot cards, and enchanted animals. In the run up to Halloween, we thought it’d be fitting to showcase some of the amazing spooky tattoos that Georgiie has made.  

2018 is Georgiie's 7th year tattooing. Georgiie started out in a small shop in Portslade for her apprenticeship where she learned the basics of tattooing, and since then she's taught herself a lot. Georgiie now works from Black Sails in Brighton, where she loves doing full colour neo-traditional style work, taking her inspiration from the likes of Ashley Luka, Sarah K and Jody Dawber. A huge fan of the True Gent Tattoo Needle Cartridges, Georgiie's work is intricate and flawless,  and we love seeing the new pieces that she produces week to week. Check out some of Georgiie's bewitching tattoos right here! 

Firstly, a planchette created very recently by Georgiie.  Georgiie definitely isn’t a stranger to planchette tattoos, and this colourful large scale piece is gorgeous.


We love this intricate serpent tattoo, and we’re especially fond of the yellow rose details within the body of the snake. A lovely piece. 

One of Georgiie's signature tattoo subjects is tarot cards. Not one to shy away from black and grey work, this 'Sun' card is stunning.

One to match the other leg.. 'The Lovers'. A really lovely piece of work.

A healed shot of a  beautiful bat tattoo that Georgiie made. Georgiie excels at animal tattoos, and we think this one is fabulous. 

This set of tarot cards is incredible.  'The Hermit', and 'The Tower'. 

The Sun and The Moon. We can certainly see why Georgiie's customers love coming to her for this particular type of tattoo. 

‘Death’ surrounded by some beautiful peonies. 

Lastly, another beautiful Planchette piece.  We think it looks really mysterious in black and grey, and is a lovely example of Georgiie's intricate tattoo work. 

Georgiie’s work is truly bewitching and we can’t wait to see even more of the enchanting tattoos that she produces, especially around Halloween time! If you’re ever in Brighton then we'd highly recommend for you to visit Georgiie and check out her beautiful work . For anyone thinking of making the switch from needles to cartridges then look no further. Head over to our website where you’ll find some amazing Tattoo Needle Cartridges for sale. 

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin