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Bold & Brilliant Work From Matt Edwards - Buy Stencil Stuff Online

Last month, we were very pleased to be able to welcome tattoo artist Matt Edwards on to our pro-team, and we can't get enough of his stunning work.

Matt who works from Traditional Values Tattoo in Barnstaple, Devon specialises in neo-traditional tattoos.  Whether in full colour or black and grey, his designs are always bold and beautiful. With lady faces, flowers and animals being frequent subject matter for his tattoos, Matt often uses muted hues in his colours which give his work a really unique style, making it very recognisable!

If you're into neo-trad tattoos then why not check out some of Matt's fantastic work right here?

If you've enjoyed checking out Matt's incredible work, then make sure you head over to his Instagram page where you'll find many more of his brilliant tattoos along with his artwork and merchandise.  If you're a tattoo artist stocking up on supplies then make sure you check out our store where you can buy Stencil Stuff online, along with a whole host of tattoo supplies. 

Love from the Magnum Tattoo Supplies team

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  • Antonia McLoughlin