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Brilliant Backpieces | Bactine Tattoo


I’ve always wanted a backpiece.  I think they look really cool, and given that the back is a large surface area, there’s so many brilliant concepts that you could have when it comes to content but I honestly don’t think I could endure multiple sessions of pain.  It’d definitely take a lot of bactine tattoo spray to convince me to get one, so for the time being I’m happy to admire some brilliant back pieces instead!


Check out these amazing backpieces!

This neo-traditional backipece by Juan David Castro is perfect!


I absolutely love this reaper backpiece by Daryl Watson.  I'm a massive fan of his work, and he always does really cool pieces.  


This black and grey backpiece by Anrijs Straume is perfection.  It's on his wife's back as well, which is really cool!


Elliot Wells' Japanese pieces are always stunning. This Hannya Mask piece is spot on, and works really well as a backpiece. 



I'm a huge fan of Koji Ichimaru's work.  He's one of my all time favourite tattoo artists, and I can't wait to see these pieces when they're finished!


This traditional piece from Whiley Tattoo is stunning.  I think trad pieces always work really well as backpieces with bold and solid designs.  This looks great!


This one by Tiny Miss Becca is phenomenal.  She's so talented and the detail on this is brilliant.  Again, I'd need to use a lot of bactine tattoo spray to be able to cope with something like this, but I think it's most definitely worth it!


We love seeing your tattoos, so if you've got a brilliant backpiece that you'd like to show us, then drop us a comment below!


Love Toni...






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  • Antonia McLoughlin