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Brilliant Blastover Tattoos | Tattoo Supplies


Blastover tattoos are a growing trend in the tattoo world at the moment, and as a seller of Tattoo Supplies, we love keeping up with all things tattoo related so we wanted to have a look at some of the coolest blastover tattoos around!

So what is a blastover tattoo?

A blastover tattoo is in effect, a cover-up tattoo, but it differs from your usual cover-ups, as it literally goes on top of old tattoo, rather than completely covering it. This technique displays lots of the original tattoo underneath it for a unique effect.

Generally, blastover tattoos take the form of trad-style tattoos with bold black ink and a lot of negative space, leaving room to display the old tattoo underneath.  It’s always possible for colour to be used in blastovers, but this doesn’t seem to be all too common. I think the most striking effect is created by adding a bold black design over the top old faded colour tattoos. 

So why are people opting for blastover tattoos rather than a traditional cover up?  I think for some people, they still really like their old tattoo but are running out of space for new artwork. A blastover allows them to keep their old work, whilst showcasing a brand new tattoo.  For others, maybe a cover-up isn’t possible. For example, on a full sleeve it could be pretty tricky to cover the whole thing without completely blacking it out. A blastover is the perfect option for someone wanting to distract from their old tattoos with some cool new work.

Check out some of these amazing blastover tattoos below!


Vishnu: This Vishnu blastover is incredible! The detailing is perfect and it works really well against the faded colours underneath. 


Traditional Snake: A popular choice for lovers of traditional tattoos, this snake really stands out against the colourful background!


Panther: I absolutely love this one! I love how it's really bold and stands out against the old ink, and the use of colour here is great, and still really strong over the old work. 


Peony flower: This one is really beautiful!  I like how the lines aren't particularly thick, allowing the colours underneath to harmonise with the new tattoo creating a colourful flower piece. 


Pizza: Pizza is my favourite food, so I love this blastover tattoo! It works really well with the red and yellow ink underneath, creating the perfect pepperoni pizza piece! 


Jesus: I love how bold this one is, it really stands out against the faded ink underneath it.


Hannya Mask: This one is really cool, and I like that there's quite a lot of detail in it too. It looks great against the black and grey hues underneath and I think it works really well as a tattoo. 


These are just some of the awesome blastover tattoos out there!  If you have a blastover tattoo you'd like to share with us, send us a pic in the comments!

Love Toni...



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  • Antonia McLoughlin