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Brilliant Bonfire Tattoos | Buy Tattoo Face Masks online

The clocks went back last weekend, which means darker evenings and crisp cold nights, and November just around the corner, and the 5th November is near! 'Bonfire night' a tradition celebrated widely in the UK is an evening of fireworks, sparklers, and of course bonfires.

Bonfire night came about because of Guy Fawkes - who plotted to blow up the houses of parliament. You've heard the rhyme - 'gunpowder treason and plot?'. Although Bonfire Night isn't really spoke of in a political sense nowadays, it's still a huge event in the UK that brings people together to watch beautiful firework displays and bonfires, accompanied by toffee apples, hog roasts, and sparklers. 

Not only do fireworks and bonfires look beautiful in person but they also look completely stunning in tattoo form! Like fireworks, they can be made to commemorate special occasions so a bonfire night themed tattoo to mark a special date or occasion is a really beautiful idea. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock black tattoo face masks, we love seeing colourful firework tattoos. Why not check them out here!?

Artistic Male Campfire Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Campfire Tattoos For Men

Campfire Guys Tattoo Ideas

Gentleman With Campfire Tattoo

Guys Campfire Tattoos

Male Campfire Tattoo Ideas

Male With Cool Campfire Tattoo Design

Mens Campfire Tattoo Design Ideas

However you'll be celebrating Bonfire Night this year, we hope you've  enjoyed checking out these wonderful firework tattoos. If you’ve already created some bonfire night themed tattoos, whether that’s of a firework, a bonfire, or anything else that’s bonfire night related then we'd love to hear from you, so why not leave us a comment below?
Love Toni 

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