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Brilliant Burger Tattoos | Radiant Ink in Bamboo

The 23rd of August was national burger day – a day for foodies all across the globe  to celebrate one of the most popular food choices around. In the USA, 50 billion burgers are consumed every single year, an astonishing figure! In the UK, burgers seems to be increasingly popular, with more and more variations being served across restaurants and fast food places. 

It’s not suprisng to see a recent surge of burger themed tattoos given the ever-growing popularity of the tasty treat, and there are tonnes of different ways to represent your favourite snack, whether that be in the form of realism, traditional, or new-school! 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Radiant Tattoo Ink in Bamboo, we love seeing burger tattoos, and have compiled a few of the best ones that we’ve found. Whether you’re into beef burgers, southern fried chicken burgers, or if vegan burgers are more your thing, we’re sure you’ll be amazed at the brilliant burger art work we’ve came across!...

‘A scale doesn’t measure my value’. We love this super clean neo traditional piece from Cody Dresser. A brilliant body positive themed piece as well as a burger piece too.

A funky new school style piece done by Johnny Smith. This quadruple stacked burger looks totally mouth watering.

A burger ‘sticker' done by the insanely talented Sergey Shanko. We absolutely love this piece. 

Jess White did this cute little burger piece. It’s simple yet stunning. 

A realistic style burger with all of its components coming together. Made by the talented McKenzie Austin. 

A black and grey pin up burger girl. What a beautiful piece! Done by Alice Bea Guerin.  A unique twist on a classic burger. 

Last but not least, a traditional style tattoo of a burger housing a skull inbetween its buns. A lovely old school piece, perfect for fans of burgers and skulls! 

If you’ve created any burger tattoos this ‘National Burger Day’ then feel free to share them with us! We always love seeing the work made by our customers (especially when it’s food related!). If you’re wanting to create some brilliant burger tattoos then why not try out the Radiant Tattoo Ink in Bamboo  - the perfect colour for creating a beautiful burger bun! 


Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin