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Celebrate International Dog Day With These Beautiful Dog Tattoos - Buy Critical Power Supplies

The 26th August is International Dog Day, and what better way to celebrate such a joyous occasion than to share some of our favourite dog tattoos?  (As if we needed a reason!).

Pet portraits are a really common theme in tattooing, with adoring owners getting their pets immortalised on them in the form of a tattoo.  Whether it's a realistic piece, or a colourful neo-trad tattoo, pet portraits look great in any style!  We've seen tonnes of gorgeous dog tattoos that really bring out the personality of the pooch, and we can't get enough of them.

If you're a dog lover, then why not check out these beautiful dog tattoos?

Done by @stephanie_melbourne

Done by @stephanie_melbourne

Done by @stephanie_melbourne

Done by @alexrowntreetattoo

Done by @charlotteannharris

Done by @tattoos_by_dave_d

Done by @dorisu_tattoo

Done by @dorisu_tattoo

Done by @georgiietattoos

Done by @hanahelizabethtattoo

Done by @lilyjtattoo

Done by @mattedwardstattooer

These are just some of the incredible dog portraits out there, and there are so many beautiful pet portraits that we couldn't possibly share all of our favourites!  If you've created any dog tattoos that you'd like to share with us then why not tag us on Instagram

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Love from the Magnum Tattoo Supplies Team

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  • Antonia McLoughlin