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Celebrating The Life of David Bowie - Best David Bowie Tattoos

5 years ago, we sadly lost one of the most influential and iconic popstars in the world, David Bowie.  Born David Robert Jones, David later changed his surname to Bowie to avoid any confusion between himself and Davy Jones of The Monkees.  Bowie was renowned for his eccentric style and unique aesthetic, and he had a huge influence when it came to fashion and culture.  With a variety of different sounds over the decades, Bowie has an incredible collection of hits, with 5 of his singles getting to number 1.  His influence was immeasurable, so it's not surprising to see loyal fans with David Bowie tattoos to pay homage to the star. 

We've seen so many brilliant David Bowie tattoos ranging from song lyrics to lightning bolts, to realistic portraits and much more, and the beauty of Bowie-themed tattoos is that they can be extremely versatile, just like the man himself.  

Bowie expressed himself through his many musical personas, and Aladdin Sane was arguably one of the most iconic, with the Aladdin Sane album cover featuring a striking image of Bowie and a large red and blue lightning bolt painted across his face.  This era was massive for Bowie, and with hits such as Drive In Saturday, Starman and The Jean Genie, Aladdin Sane has been a hugely popular theme for tattoos.

Before the Aladdin Sane era came Ziggy Stardust, which is the phase that first put Bowie in the limelight.  Ziggy Stardust was a glam alter ego for Bowie, who featured a unique 70's aesthetic with a hint of glam rock. We've seen an incredible selection of Ziggy Stardust-themed tattoos in many forms, such as realism, traditional, and dotwork, all equally as cool as the next.  His striking red hair is captured perfectly in a plethora of fan art and tattoos, and with a huge range of beautiful tattoo inks available on the market,  David Bowie tattoos can be bright and colourful, just like him!

An unforgettable era for Bowie was the 1980's.  With hits like Modern Love, Let's Dance, Absolute Beginners, and China Girl, Bowie entered a new phase of sophistication in his music. Who could forget the suave suits he wore in his music videos, and his incredible blonde coiffure? Although not as colourful and eccentric an aesthetic as the previous years, 80's Bowie still makes for a gorgeous tattoo theme, and with a brilliant range of tattoo aftercare available, Bowie tattoos can truly stand the test of time and stay vibrant just like the man himself. 

If you're a die hard David Bowie fan, then what better way to pay homage to the star than to treat yourself to a Bowie-themed tattoo.  Why not check out some of the spectacular David Bowie tattoos that we've came across?

Done by Jordan Croke

Done by Slay Tattoo

Done by Dasha 

Done by Mattia Calvi 

Done by TattooPavris

Done by Michael Taguet

Done by James White

Done by Lauren B 

Done by Greg Scott 

Done by Paige Hinshaw 

Done by Shammijah 

Done by Fabz Tattoo

Done by Nastia Zlotin 

Done by Alan Copetez

Done by Sofi Maki


This is just a small selection of some of the many insanely good David Bowie tattoos out there, and there's a whole host of exceptional Bowie designs that are surfacing on Instagram right now, marking the 5 year anniversary of the star's death.  

If you've created a beautiful Bowie tattoo then why not tag us in your post on Instagram?  We'd love to see some more tattoos of the starman himself!  For those looking to find the right tattoo supplies to create the perfect Bowie tattoo, look no further.  Whether it's tattoo machinespower supplies, or tattoo inks you're after, we've got you covered.


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