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Cute Kewpie Tattoos | Flesh Tone Tattoo Inks



Kewpies are a super-cute type of doll that first appeared in a political comic strip in the early 1900's by cartoonist Rose O'Neill.  They became extremely popular and are now in demand with antique doll collectors.  The chubby cherub-like creatures (inspired by Cupid himself) are also popular subject matter for traditional tattoos, and they're extremely versatile in terms of designs and personality.  

Kewpies are easily distinguishable with their rosy cheeks, chubby body, and angelic eyes, and we absolutely love them! The possibilities are endless when it comes to Kewpie tattoos, and they're fast becoming a real 'collectable' form of tattoo. 

Here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we supply a huge variety of Flesh Tone Tattoo Inks, we're totally in awe of the Kewpie tattoo trend, so we've collated an adorable collection of some of the cutest Kewpie tattoos around.  Take a look!...


First up, this Creature from the Black Lagoon Kewpie is a gorgeous little fellow!  He's definitely more cute than scary, and we love his little gills. Kudos to the artist that made this piece. 
A lovely Hula-girl style Kewpie.  There are so many wonderful tropical elements in this piece, and the artist has captured the traditional Kewpie style perfectly. 
A gorgeous Kewpie witch tattoo done by Miss Quartz in Australia.  This sassy cherub-like witch is stunning, and we love how the traditional Kewpie elements are still very prominent here. 
One of our favourites! A Halloween inspired Kewpie with a cute little Skeleton romper suit.  His rosy cheeks are adorable!
We've seen quite a few tattooed Kewpie pieces, and this one is breathtaking.  The old school blue tattoos are typically on tattooed Kewpie pieces, and this one is incredible. 
A wonderful David Bowie Kewpie tribute.  The Ziggy Stardust inspired piece is wonderful, and we're loving all of the Bowie-inspired elements in this piece. 
A stunning piece done by Stacy Martin.  This almost Kawaii style Kewpie piece is gorgeous, with 2 little ice cream Kewpies.   Wonderful work!
There are so many incredible Kewpie tattoos out there, and we'd love to see more - so if you have a knack for creating loveable Kewpie pieces then why not get in touch in the comments below?  For the perfect Kewpie skin tones, head over to our website and check out our huge selection of Flesh Tone Tattoo Inks.
Love Toni...
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  • Antonia McLoughlin