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Dark and Beautiful Tattoos by Adam Link | Buy True Gent Cartridges online


This month we're taking a look at some of the incredibly dark neo-traditional tattoos done by our Pro-team member Adam Link.  Adam's work consists largely of some super cool horror-themed neo-traditional girl heads, animals, and skulls.  All of which have some really chilling and dark elements to them, which when coupled with his eye-catching neo-trad style look really awesome and unique.  His work is really recognisable, with a macabre yet beautiful aesthetic to it, which is why he's one of our favourite artists out there. 

Today we wanted to take a look at the wonderful catalogue of cryptic and dark work done recently by Adam, who works from both By Anonymous Tattoo ink Newcastle, and TRW Tattoo in Dunfermline.  Splitting his work between the 2 shops means he's able to maintain two client bases, which works out really well for his customers!  Adam also loves travelling to overseas tattoo conventions, showcasing his work in other countries.

If you love dark neo-traditional tattoos then Adam is the artist for you.  Make sure you check out his incredible work right here.

Whatever the subject matter in Adam's work, it's always really well executed and beautiful.  If you're into macabre and devilishly dark tattoos, then Adam is your guy, and we'd highly recommend his work!  Don't forget, if you're into this kind of style and have created some similar work then we'd love to see, so why not leave us a comment in the box below?

If you're after some tattoo cartridges for your work, then make sure you check out our website where you can buy True Gent Tattoo Cartridges online. 
Love Toni

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