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Dark Neo-Traditional Tattoos from Adam Link | Black Tattoo Inks


This week we're taking a look at some of the dark neo-traditional tattoos done by our Pro-team member Adam Link.  Adam's work consists largely of horror-themed neo-traditional girl heads, animals, and skulls which have some really chilling and dark elements to them.  His work is really recognisable, with a macabre yet beautiful aesthetic to it.  

Adam's work hasn't always been as cryptic, and it's only more recently that Adam has implemented darker elements into his tattoos, which we absolutely love. This time last year Adam's work consisted mainly of colour pieces in the form of bright and bold girl-heads and pop culture references, however in the space of a year we've seen a lot more progression and an evolution in style, which has resulted in a catalogue of beautiful horror-themed neo-traditional tattoos. 

Adam is situated in both Newcastle and Dunfermline, working from Speakeasy Tattoo and By Anonymous Tattoo respectively. This works really well for Adam's customers as it means he's able to regularly tattoo clients from different locations, keeping them happy whilst maintaining 2 large client bases. He's a massive fan of tattoo conventions and often travels overseas to work at various international conventions.

If you love dark neo-traditional tattoos then Adam is the artist for you.  Make sure you check out his incredible work right here.

Lady heads will always be a part of Adam's signature style, and we can see why. The multitude of expressions captured in the various lady head tattoos that Adam creates are stunning.

'Death'.  We love the gothic vibe that seems to be cropping up in Adam's work at the moment, and we can't help but notice the gorgeous details such as the girl's tattooed hands and body piercings. 

A sombre looking eye piece.  It's like it's staring into your soul...

We love the contrast between the black and white here.  The white highlights really make this piece pop. 

Probably one of our favourite tattoos to date by Adam.  This Japanese inspired lady head with Kitsune mask is simply stunning. 

Adam loves working on large-scale pieces, and this leg sleeve is a striking example of his brilliant large-scale work.  Of course, it features his signature horror style throughout. 

Whatever Adam's chosen style is, his work is always eye-catching, and instantly recognisable.  If you'd like to see more of Adam's brilliant  work then make sure you head over to his Instagram page @adamlinktattooer where you can check out his incredible work and stay up to date with his convention schedule.  If you're wanting to create some dark and creepy horror tattoos then check out our website where you'll find a huge selection of black tattoo ink. 

Love Toni

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