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DC Tattoos that are too cool! | Wholesale Tattoo Studio Supplies


We looked at Marvel tattoos the other day so I thought it only fair that we look at some DC tattoos! There are some pretty awesome ones out there and it's another unique universe that people are a fan of, and get great tribute tattoos to their favourite heroes! Here at MTS we sell wholesale tattoo studio supplies but we also love checking out some great artwork so let's go ahead and do just that!


Let's start with the Dark Knight himself, probably one of the most famous DC heroes and definitely an awesome one. The artist has done a great job capturing him here, I love the cracks on the outside and the way that way he is peering through the logo, it's definitely a fitting tribute!

Batman Logo

Here we have the Batman logo, I really wanted to include this one just because I love the creativity of it. The flowers look like an oil painting! It shows that comic book lovers are into all different kinds of things, good job by the artist.

Superman Logo

On to another popular hero from DC, Superman! Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's an awesome tattoo of his logo! I love how all of the different colours associated with the hero are included and it's got that kind of galaxy effect running over it, really loving the style here.

Wonder Woman

This tattoo of Wonder Woman is amazing! I love how it's done in kind of a traditional gipsy woman style but it is also instantly recognizable as Wonder Woman from her chest piece and lasso! The colours are also very telling, all in all, it's a really sharp, awesome piece!

The Flash Logo

This is a really cool design of the flash logo, I love how people have experimented with so many different styles when getting these tattoos, it's so interesting to see them all! 

Harley Quinn and The Joker

Since The Suicide Squad came out there has been a surge in the popularity of this crazy couple. My gosh though, this tattoo is so incredible! It is such a detailed scene it is like a painting! How much time do you think that this quality of work took to complete? 

Harley Quinn

Personally, Harley Quinn is probably my favourite DC character, this tattoo of her in her original garb is really cool. I love the sketchiness of it, it gives it kind of a marionette look, the way the lines are a bit messy really compliments her character. 

What do you think? Which was your favourite? Do you have a tattoo as a tribute to any DC heroes or villains? Let us know in the comments! Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for wholesale tattoo studio supplies then we sell them in our store, so be sure to take a look!

Love Katy...





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  • Katy Jackson