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Dermalize Pro - The perfect aftercare solution is here! | Buy Tattoo Aftercare Online


For many people, tattoo aftercare can be a bit of a minefield.  With so many different brands, and types of tattoo aftercare available, it can all be a little overwhelming when trying to decide what's the best product when it comes to the healing of your new tattoo, especially when tattoo artists have conflicting opinions on which product you should use.  

For those wanting to buy tattoo aftercare online, we have an excellent range of the most popular and widely used aftercare products available, and one that I'm particularly fond of is Dermalize Pro.  We've very recently started stocking this product, however I've known about Dermalize Pro for quite some time now, and I've heard so many testimonials, not just from the people who've had the tattoos, but from the tattoo artists themselves.  

Any good tattoo artist knows how crucial the aftercare process is, and will actively encourage their clients to look after their tattoos, especially in the initial healing stages.  

Dermalize Pro Protective Tattoo Film is the all-in-one tattoo aftercare solution for the initial healing stage of a tattoo: a “second skin” that acts as a barrier to protect the tattoo wound from germs and bacteria and at the same time, is permeable allowing the skin to “breathe”. By locking in the body’s natural fluids and enzymes it assists the skin to heal naturally from the inside out, guaranteeing beautifully healed tattoos.  The good thing about this product is that the healing process can start as soon as your tattoo has finished.  Once the tattoo artist has cleaned it up, they simply apply a layer of the film on the tattoo, which actively prevents any bacteria from getting in, (similar to when kitchen roll and tape is applied to cover the tattoo once it's complete, even more hygienic!)


It's sold as a studio pack, which contains a whole roll which will cover about 60-80 tattoos, so the artist can apply this on each client once their tattoo is complete.  It's also sold in sheets of 5 so that the client can continue the aftercare at home during the initial healing period.  It's one of the safest and most hygienic ways to look after your new tattoo, and is endorsed by so many brilliant tattoo artists, who genuinely care about the end result of the healed tattoo, and this is reflected in the healed work later on down the line. 

As soon as we launched this product on our website, we had tonnes of orders for it straight away, and I think this goes to show just how good a product it really is.  Our newest Sponsored Artist, Paula Castle recently purchased some Dermalize Pro from us, and the amazing quality of her healed work really speaks volumes, not only about how talented she is as an artist, but also about Dermalize Pro really cares for the skin.  Her healed tattoos are beatiful, smooth, and vibrant, and all of the colour has stayed in, with no drop out!

Some beautiful healed work by Paula Castle



If you haven't already tried Dermalize Pro, then we'd highly reccomend it.  Whether you're a tattoo artist, wanting to help with your clients aftercare process, or whether you've just had a new tattoo yourself and are trying to find the best aftercare solution, Dermalize Pro really does keep your new tattoos healthy, and heals them beautifully, and you can buy this tattoo aftercare online on our website.  The 5 packs are ideal for selling in studios to customers too, and that way you know your customer is equipped with the best aftercare solution before they've even left your studio!

If you've used Dermalize Pro before, or if you're thinking of trying it then we'd love to know!  Make sure you leave us a comment below and tell us about your experience with this brilliant product!


Love Toni...


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  • Antonia McLoughlin