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Devil Tattoos | Radiant Ink Blood Red

Continuing with the theme of spooky tattoos this October, we wanted to take a look at some devilishly good devil themed tattoos. Typically depicted as a frightening human like red figure with horns and a pointy take, brandishing a trident, the devil is symbolic of all that is bad in the world. All that is evil, to be precise. The notion of the devil has been around since biblical times, and he is generally feared by all – a fallen Angel who occupies Hell. 

Strangely enough, devil tattoos are actually pretty popular, regardless of his creepy symbolism, and he makes for a really cool tattoo design. People may get devil tattoos to represent  temptation, or the necessary evils in the world, or maybe it’s because he can be portrayed in so many ways.  Either way, we’re really interested to see some different versions of devil tattoos, especially with Halloween just around the corner!

Radiant Ink Blood Red is the perfect colour for your typical red devil tattoo, and is just an all-round brilliant colour to have in your tattoo ink selection, so why not check it out? And check out these devilishly good devil tattoos while you’re here! 

First up, we love this super trad piece from @goodviewtattoo. Devil Tattoos are quite often portrayed in a traditional style, and this ‘where the hell’ piece is really cool! 

Another traditional tattoo done by the incredibly talented Samuel Briganti. We really love his work, and this face on devil head is an excellent piece. 

A fire breathing kind of cute little devil done by Charles Russ. We quite often see traditional devil tattoos depicted in this way, and it’s a really great style. 

A beautiful neo traditional tattoo by Moritz Konstantin. This piece shows the devil on a woman’s shoulder. It’s great how the devil has a more human quality about him in this piece, showing that the devils really do walk among us. 

A simple blackwork old school devil done by Leonardo Mulluchio. This most definitely represents temptation, which is what the devil is well known for! 

A fabulous large scale piece by @fabingg. We love the horrifying expression on the devil’s face.

A mesmerising she-Devil done by @ziora_tattoo. Devil Tattoos don’t always have to be represented in male form, and this lady devil piece is just stunning. 

‘Dancing with the devil’. Done by @electric_phantom. We really like this little scene featuring a blindfolded lady. Is she leading the Devil, or being lead by him?

There are tonnes of creepy devil tattoos out there and we'd love to see more! Perhaps you’ve done some spooky devil inspired tattoos in a style that we haven’t posted, and if so we’d love to hear from you! Make sure you leave us a comment below.  If you’re making some devil themed tattoos then make sure you equip yourself with the Radiant Ink Blood Red, which is perfect for devil tattoos! 

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin