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Domino's Pledge Free Pizza Forever to Tattoo Customers | Eternal Ink Golden Yellow

We’re sure that you’ll have seen recent news headlines and reports over social media about Domino’s Pizza's latest publicity stunt in a bid to boost sales? If not, then we'll enlighten you!  Domino’s Russia recently pledged to give free pizza for life (100 free pizzas per year for 100 years to be precise), to any of their customers who has the Domino’s logo tattooed on them.  Smart move? We're not so sure. 

As stockists of Eternal Ink Golden Yellow, which coincidentally is the perfect colour for pizza tattoos, we do love hearing about anything tattoo related, so we read up on the Domino's Tattoo fiasco.

The Domino’s marketing team probably weren't anticipating the reaction they received from their customers, with hundreds of pizza fans revealing their red and blue Domino's tattoos. Some got even more creative, with visions of Pizzas, Pizza Boxes, and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! This indicates that people really will do anything for free pizza (and who can blame them?), but it also shows that people’s attitudes towards getting tattoos are a lot less conservative than they used to be. 

Given the rave reaction that the pledge received, Domino's quickly pulled the offer for ‘anyone’s getting a Domino's tattoo, to ‘The first 350 people’ to get their logo tattooed. They obviously didn’t account for the fact that a little tattoo is as very small price to pay for a lifetime supply of pizza (for most people, we imagine!). The promotion will most definitely have boosted their social media engagement and earned them an awful lot of publicity, but in turn, pulling the original pledge isn’t great press for them, so they probably should have thought things through a little more before releasing their promotion.

Nonetheless, it was a pretty bold move by Domino's and it’s not the first time we’ve seen a brand convince their customers to get some permanent advertising!  Earlier this year, a pop up tattoo studio surfaced in London so that Strongbow could promote their Dark Fruits Cider. ‘Dark Fruit Ink' was a temporary tattoo spot in Shoreditch where tattoo artist Alice Perrin offered Strongbow Dark Fruits flash for die hard fans. 

We’ve seen tonnes of marketing gimmicks over the years, and the Domino's pizza fiasco is a pretty big one! What do you think about it? Would you get a Domino's logo tattooed on you for 100 years of free pizza? We know we certainly would! 

Love Toni
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  • Antonia McLoughlin