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Eggxcellent Tattoos for Easter | Buy the Fusion Pastel Set online

As well as being a time for religious celebrations, Easter is the perfect time to indulge, especially if you’ve given up your favourite junk food for lent! Easter Eggs are all around us this time of year, with shop shelves stacked high with all kinds of chocolate eggs. Some chocolate fanatics have taken their undying love for chocolate even further by having chocolate themed tattoos put onto their bodies forever. 

We’ve seen Cadbury's chocolate bar tattoos, Easter Eggs and even Cream Egg tattoos, and we wanted to share these amazing tattoos with you! Whatever your choice of chocolate, we’re sure you’ll love these mouth watering Chocolate themed tattoos! 

This one is a classic. Cadbury's is most certainly one of the most popular chocolate companies in the UK, and if you’ve ever visited Cadbury's World you’d know why! What a lovely piece. Artist unknown. 

This KitKat tattoo looks so good you could almost taste it. Artist unknown. 

A mouth watering traditional tattoo in the form of a chocolate bar. We love it. Artist unknown. 

The Golden ticket! An incredible Wonka Bar. A great idea for a chocolate themed tattoo! Done by Erica Ryan

The tiniest of chocolate tattoos paired with a block of cheese. Two brilliant snacks, don't you think? Artist unknown. 

A favourite in the UK, especially around Easter time - Cadbury's cream egg. Who could resist? Artist unknown. 

Last but not least, a lovely colourful Easter egg tattoo. Artist unknown. 

If you’re into seasonal tattoos and have created a bright and beautiful Easter egg themed tattoo then get in touch! Or, if you’re a chocolate lover who has taken your love for this sweet treat to the next level then we’re waiting to hear from you! Get in touch in the comments box below. For all your Easter colour needs, we’re stocking the Fusion Pastel Set online which is the perfect range of inks for all your Easter tattoo needs. 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin