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Environmentally Friendly Tattooing - Buy Eco-friendly and Vegan Tattoo Supplies

Like with many global industries, the tattoo industry generates billions of pounds each year, but it's no surprise to know that the tattoo industry also contributes a huge amount of waste. Although there are many tattoo studios out there who are environmentally conscious people who passionate about doing their bit for the environment, a tattoo session can sometimes unavoidably fill a bin bag full of waste!

Thankfully in recent years it seems that people are becoming a lot more conscious of the environment, and the sustainability of it. With public figures like Greta Thunberg raising a lot of awareness in younger generations about climate change, it seems that there is a huge push for more sustainable materials to be used globally.  This also extends to the tattoo industry. There are plenty of artists and studios out there who are particularly environmentally conscious, and although the waste is an unavoidable aspect of the job, that doesn't mean that every consumable has to be ecologically unfriendly.

The procedure of tattooing requires a lot of single-use disposable materials such as kitchen roll, ink cups, clip cord sleeves, clingfilm, couch rolls, bottles, and gloves, to name a few.  That's a lot of waste for every tattoo studio each year.  Some tattoo studios don't have a large budget, so exclusively sourcing eco-friendly products all of the time isn't always possible, especially for new artists who are starting out and may not have much of an income. 

Fortunately we're seeing an increase in the number of eco-friendly items out there at an affordable price than can be a big help when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.  Take Ecotat Clip Cord sleeves; they're made from  naturally derived, plant based and renewable materials. They're an eco-friendly alternative for their single-use, fossil fuel derived plastic counterparts. They're thinner and lighter than their plastic clip cord sleeves, yet just as durable, so using them will minimise your environmental impact whilst tattooing.  

Plastic ink cups are also something that artists use a lot of - and we're working on our own environmentally friendly paper ink cups that will be available in the coming weeks which give artists a much more eco-friendly alternative. 

We also stock a huge range of vegan-friendly supplies, which include tattoo inks, carbon paper, process butters, aftercares, and much more.  Ethical and cruelty-free consumption is more sustainable for both the artist and the client, and a lot of tattoo studios recognise this, and try to implement an exclusively vegan-friendly tattoo set up. You can check out our vegan friendly section right here.

We're also doing our bit to ensure that the packaging we use is environmentally friendly.  We're constantly taking conscious steps to ensure that we're as eco-friendly as possible in order to reduce the impact that we have on our planet.
Our packing nuts are completely eco-friendly.  Produced from plant starch, (wheat starch) they are water soluble & will disappear when they come into contact with water. This makes them very easy to dispose of in a completely environmentally friendly way.  We reuse our cardboard boxes wherever possible, recycling other boxes from different areas of our operations department.  We always use suitably sized boxes to pack your orders to reduce unnecessary waste, but we're always looking for ways to do more!

We're excited to be introducing more environmentally friendly products to our range of supplies, and will keep you posted when we add new eco-friendly products to our website! If you'd like to get hold of some vegan tattoo supplies then check our selection here.

Love from the Magnum Tattoo Supplies Team

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  • Antonia McLoughlin