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Fabulous Frog Tattoos to celebrate a Leap Year - Buy Green Tattoo Ink online

Frogs are a great subject matter for tattoos.  There are literally endless styles in which they can be depicted - from realism to traditional, and Japanese to dotwork. However these cute little amphibian creatures are represented, they always look super cool.  Often associated with Spring, and new beginnings, frogs are a great tattoo theme for those wanting to express a big change or new chapter in their lives.  The journey from becoming a frog from a mere tadpole is an interesting one, and frogs are a great representation of transformation. 

 We wanted to celebrate the 2020 'Leap Year' by looking at some incredible frog tattoos (because frogs are always leaping around, right?), and we've rounded up some of our favourites.   Take a look!...

Done by Kelly Cobra

Artist unknown

Done by Alex Heath

Artist unknown

Done by Thomas Gillingham

Done by Alex Duquette

We hope you've enjoyed looking at these fantastic frog tattoos!  If you're going to be creating any frog-themed tattoos then why not take a look on our website where you can buy green tattoo ink online?  We stock a huge range of inks from the most popular brands, including Radiant, Fusion, Eternal, Intenze, and many more.  

Love Toni

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  • Antonia McLoughlin