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Fantastic Floral Tattoos from Georgiie Gibbs | Pastel range from Radiant Tattoo Ink


Our lovely Sponsored Artist Georgiie Gibbs regularly creates beautiful floral tattoos that are decorative, intricate, and quite simply stunning.  Last Thursday was 'National Floral Design Day', so we thought it'd be fitting to have a look at some of the gorgeous floral tattoos that Georgiie has recently done. 

Georgiie who began her tattooing career in a small shop in Portslade has since gone on to work at the brilliant Black Sails tattoo studio in Brighton, which is the perfect town for tattoo artists. Georgiie generally prefers full colour work and is inspired by the likes of Sarah K, Jody Dawber and Ashley Luka, but she's not one to shy away from blackwork tattoos, and we absolutely love the incredible work that she creates week in and week out.

A fan of Radiant Tattoo Inks, Georgiie often uses lovely bold pastel style colours in her floral work, which can be achieved with the pastel range from Radiant Tattoo Ink - available now on our website.  If you're into gorgeous floral tattoo then why not check out these amazing tattoos done by Georgiie Gibbs?

First up, a lovely daffodil piece which is the perfect tattoo for Spring!  Surrounded by some gorgeous daisies that frame it wonderfully. 

A lovely geometric foot tattoo. This intricate little piece features some beautiful flowers and a bee, alongside some honeycomb shapes. 

This one is stunning!  A large blackwork floral piece that features an array of pretty flowers. 

A small bunch of purple flowers.  This was Georgiie's customer's first ever tattoo, and we think it's an excellent choice for a first tattoo.  It's simple yet stunning. 

Some fabulous blue flowers.  We love the shape of this and the way it travels up the client's arm. The shadow behind it is a lovely touch. 

This is our absolute favourite.  Stunning pastel coloured flowers intertwined in a geometric shape. The perfect girly tattoo! 

What an amazing tattoo!  A bold and bright flower sitting behind a cute chrysanthemum.  We can see why Georgiie's customers flock to her for this kind of piece. 


If you're ever in the Brighton area then why not pay Georgiie a visit at Black Sails Tattoo studio?  If it's a beautiful floral tattoo you're after then Georgiie is the person to go to!  You can check out more of her amazing work here, and find out about any conventions and guest spots she may have planned. If you're looking to create some lovely floral tattoos this Spring then why not head over to our store and check out the Pastel range from Radiant Tattoo Ink?



Love Toni



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