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Fantastic Fruit Tattoos | Fruit Colour Set from Radiant


With the release of the Fruit Colour Set from Radiant Tattoo Ink; a summery  selection of 18 luscious colours, we though it’d be fitting to have a look at some beautiful fruit-themed tattoos. Fruit tattoos are perfect because they can be bright, colourful, and bold and are perfect as gap fillers if you want the size to be true to life (unless you wanted a whole watermelon tattooing on you).  Plenty of fruit-lovers are getting their favourite healthy snacks tattooed on them, and we think it looks great. 

For those wanting to create some totally tropical fruit tattoos, the Fruit Colour Set from Radiant is ideal. Featuring colours like Mango Yellow, Leaf Green, and Wineberry, the range contains a brilliant selection of fruity hues that are perfect if you’re into botanical-inspired foody tattoos. 

Whether you’re a fan of strawberries or have a taste for tangerines, were certain you will appreciate these fantastic fruit tattoos that we’ve came across! Check them out...

A succulent strawberry done by our lovely sponsored artist Stephanie Melbourne. Fruit-themed tattoos feature quite frequently in Stephanie’s catalogue of work, and we can see why. 

Peachy keen! Another one from Stephanie Melbourne. A close up of a gorgeous peach tattoo. 

‘When life gives you lemons’. A gorgeous traditional style lemon tattoo from Miss Quartz.

A beautiful botanical fruity feast from Jasmine Worth. Absolutely stunning work. 

Allday Jina, a tattoo artist from South Korea made this cute and colourful coconut piece. 

We love this mouth watering watermelon from Ana Artesan. 

An incredible blackwork piece from Lily anchor. Although we see a lot of fruit tattoos done in colour, it’s lovely to see a non-colour piece, and this one is absolutely amazing. 

A more realistic style from Benoit DeLongchamp. One of our favourites; a selection of tropical fruits. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed marvelling over these fresh and fruity tattoos as much as we have! We’re always on the lookout for more work to add to our blog posts, so if you’ve created some fantastic fruit tattoos then why not leave us a comment below?  Make sure you check out the Fruit Colour Set from Radiant this summer if you’re going to be creating some fruity-themed tattoos, available at our online store. 

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin