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Fierce Feminist Tattoos | Tattoo Wholesale Supplier

The feminist movement seems to be bigger than ever right now, and for good reason.  It's important to promote equality and to respect everyone no matter their sex/gender, and to fight discrimination and injustices that people experience on a daily basis. 
With popular celebrities such as Rihanna, Lena Dunham, and many more sporting tattoos that represent the fight for gender equality, tonnes of women are getting feminist-inpsired body art to represent their views and their fight, and we absolutely love seeing some of the important messages that these people are conveying.  Whether these tattoos are a reminder to themselves, or to the world, we think they're brilliant, and it's a great way to mark their fight.  As a Tattoo Whoesale Supplier, we think these tattoos are great, so make sure you check out these amazingly fierce feminist-inspired tattoos right here. 
First up, a symbolic piece from Hanna Toivanen.  We love how subtle, yet so striking this is! 
'Fight like a Girl'.  Done by the incredibly talented Guen Douglas.  This is a really strong message and a beautiful tattoo. 
An important message conveyed on this gorgeous tattoo by Keely Glitters.  'Sushi Rolls, not Gender Roles'. 
A stunning piece from the super-talented Lucy Blue.  We absolutely love Lucy's work, and this Ghoul Power piece is really inspiring. 
Another beautiful piece done by Lucy. 'Females are Strong as Hell', and we couldn't agree more.  A wonderful piece done by an incredible artist.
An amazingly bold piece done by our talented Sponsored Artist Paula Castle.  Paula's work is always really stunning, and this one portrays a really strong message. 
'Feminist Killjoy'.  Another striking piece done by Paula Castle.  We love it! 
So there you have it, some incredibly fierce Feminist tattoos that are completely inspiring.  If you have a Feminism-inspired tattoo that you'd like to show us then do make sure you get in touch in the comments section below.  We love seeing your tattoos, and we love seeing the work done by our amazing customers.  Don't forget, we're a Tattoo Wholesale Supplier so make sure you check out our online store for all your tattoo supply needs. 


Love Toni...


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