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Fun Facts about Tattoos - Part 2 | Tattoo Stencil Transfer Products


A while ago we posted some fun facts about tattoos for you to have a marvel at.  Most of these facts and statistics we'd never actually heard of ourselves, and we found them to be really intriguing!  Because of this, we thought it'd be fun to take a look at some more interesting bits of tattoo trivia that we've discovered. 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock a brilliant range of tattoo stencil transfer products from trusted brands such as Spirit, Stencil Stuff, and Hulk Superbond, we love learning weird and wonderful things about tattoos.  If you're as interested in tattoos as we are then we're sure you'll love learning about these amazing tattoo facts!  Check them out...

1. The word 'tattoo' is one of the most misspelled words in the English language, with people commonly misspelling it as 'tatoo'. 

2. If you want to donate blood in the UK, you'll need to wait at least 4 months from your last tattoo before you're allowed to give blood. 

3. Further to this, studies show that tattoos have partly contributed to the decrease in the amount of people giving blood over the past decade.

4. Sailor tattoos had hidden meanings.  It's said that some sailors had a pig and a rooster tattooed on their feet to prevent them from drowning at sea. Although none of these animals are actually swimmers, they generally survived shipwrecks as they were stored in buoyant crates. Superstition can be a very strong thing!

5. According to many sources, the world's richest tattoo artist is Scott Campbell from New York, who charges $1,000 for the first hour and only works on the weekends.

6. In 1999, Mattel released a new Barbie doll known as 'Butterfly Art Barbie', who came with a set of temporary tattoos.  It was subsequently pulled from shelves because of complaints from unhappy parents who weren't keen on this type of image being promoted.  



7. In recent years, a 1,300 year old Egyptian mummy was discovered, sporting a tattoo of the Christian archangel Michael. 

8.  Studies show that tattooed skin is less sensitive to touch, possibly because the needles damage the nerves or because the ink interferes with the ‘touch process’.

9.  In Soviet Russia, prisoners would commonly get tattoos of leaders Lenin and Stalin because guards were not permitted to shoot at the images of their national leaders.

10. Often, sailors would have a swallow tattooed on them for every 5000 nautical miles they traveled. 

So there you have it... some more fascinating facts about tattoos! 
We'd really like to hear from you if you know of any more curiously compelling trivia or statistics about tattoos.  If you'd like to share your knowledge with us, then make sure you leave us a comment below so we can add it to the list.  Don't forget to check out our online store where we stock a huge range of tattoo supplies including the best range of tattoo stencil transfer products. 



Love Toni... 



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  • Antonia McLoughlin