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Fun Festival Tattoos | Stencil Honey Tattoo Solution


If you love music festivals, then chances are you're one of the lucky festival goers living it up at Glastonbury this weekend, to see the likes of Stormzy, The Chemical Brothers, Wu Tang Clan, and hundreds more acts take to the stages to perform.  Festivals are so much fun, (especially if the weather is good), and the fun-filled weekends often entail camping, beer, wellies, and a lot of singing and dancing!

Festivals goers are usually full of style, with the likes of Coachella festival attracting hordes of bloggers and Instagram influencers dressing to impress with the latest fashion.  For those more into the boho style, there are other ways to express yourself, with people donning bindis, and body paint as a means of decoration. Whether Glastonbury is more your cup of tea, or if you prefer the heavy-metal vibe of Download, one things for sure, is that a great way to show off your style and at the same time commemorate your experience of a festival is with a tattoo!

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Stencil Honey Tattoo Solution, we've rounded up some brilliant festival tattoos which we think you'll really love.  Check them out here. 

First up, an incredible piece by Lucy Bishop.  We're loving the festival camping vibes here. 

Why does it always rain on me?  We love these wellies that are perfect for a festival.  Each year we see tonnes of flooded festival grounds, but that never seems to stop festival goers.  It's nothing that a pair of wellies won't solve. 

This is just brilliant.  A room with a view. One festival-goers experience of the great outdoors.


This abstract/dotwork tattoo is absolutely stunning.  A gorgeous Glastonbury scene featuring some beautiful colours contrasted with black. 


This has to be one of our favourites, an absolutely stunning festival scene in the form of a vibrant watercolour tattoo.  Incredible. 


A nod to Sud-Winsen Festival in Germany.  No festival would be complete without beer. 

Marking their shared experience of a festival.  These wrist-band tattoos and devil-horn hands are the perfect ideas for a commemorative festival tattoo. 

We hope you've enjoyed these fun festival tattoos!  If you're headed to a festival this summer and are having a tattoo to mark your experience then why not get in touch and let us see it?  We'd love to hear from you!  Don't forget, if you're looking for a super-strong tattoo stencil solution that holds stencils for hours, whilst being kind to the skin, why not check out our website where you can purchase the brand new Stencil Honey solution?



Love Toni

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