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Game of Thrones Tattoos, Part 2 - Sigils and Symbols | The best range of tattoo supplies online

Last week we shared some phenomenal Game of Thrones Tattoos in light of the recent release of the Eighth season of HBO's hit TV show. We're seeing more and more GOT tattoos emerging by the week, and today we wanted to take a look at a more specific type of Game of Thrones tattoo..

Today at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock the best range of tattoo supplies online, we're looking at Sigils and Symbols.  We all know how important it is for the inhabitants of Westeros to stand by their House.  Each of the Great Houses has it's own sigil which represents them, and their ancestors, and those who come after them.  There are numerous houses residing in Westeros, so of course a heirarchy is inevitable, with some houses creating allegiances with others, whilst declaring war on others. 

There's also a lot of symbolism which comes with the different houses, and many Game of Thrones fans have took it upon themselves to pledge fealty to their favourite houses by getting a sigil or symbol tattooed on them.  Take a look at some of these incredible tattoos and let us know which one you love best.

House Stark - symbolised by a wolf, with the famous 'Winter is coming' line. An incredible black and grey piece. 

The Hand of the King - a perfect tattoo for a Game of Thrones fan.

House Targaryen's sigil is a three-headed red dragon.  Symbolising Daenery's three dragons. 
Stunning work!  We're in love with both of these side-pieces.  The left representing House Lannister with the lion, and the right representing House Stark, with a wolf.  These are really cool ideas for side-pieces. 

A bold black and grey Stark tattoo.  The ferocious wolf is a great symbol for such a powerful house of the North. 

We LOVE this trad piece.  This Longclaw sword of Jon Snow has been tattooed beautifully. It of course features the Stark sigil of the wolf. 
'Here we stand'.  The sigil for House Mormont, a strong and ferocious bear. 
The Three-eyed Raven - which appears in Brann Stark's dreams and visions.  A creepy concept throughout the GOT series. 
We hope you've enjoyed looking at some of the Game of Thrones sigil and symbol tattoos.  We'd love to see more, so if you've created any tattoos of this nature then please do get in touch so we can take a look. We're sure we'll be seeing many more of these tattoos in the coming weeks!  Make sure you head over to our website for the best range of tattoo supplies online. 

Love Toni

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