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Gemini Tattoos for May | Electrum Stencil Primer

Happy Birthday Gemini!  If you were born between 21st May and 21st June, then you'll know all about the traits of the curious and quick-witted traits of a Gemini.  Represented in Greek mythology by twin brothers Castor and Pollux, Geminis are typically associated with a 'split personality', but we like to think of them as being adjustable and versatile, adapting easily to different situations around them.  They're humorous folk who are never boring, but they can be quite restless and easily dissatisfied, constantly wanting more from their surroundings. 

Gemini tattoos can be represented in many ways.  First of all, you have the Gemini 'glyph' which looks like 2 columns side by side, similar to Roman numerals for the number 2, representing Gemini's dual personality. We've seen plenty of tattoos of this little glyph, but there are tonnes of other ideas that can be utilised when portraying Gemini tattoos. 
At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Electrum Stencil Primer, we love a good horoscope tattoo, so why not check out these gorgeous Gemini tattoos with us?

Gemini is associated with 'twins', and dual personalities. This set of Gemini thigh tattoos is stunning.  A beautiful black sketchy style consisting of 2 figures jumping through 2 different hoops at 2 different stages.  A beautiful representation of a complex star sign. Artist unknown. 

The 2 sides of Gemini.  This simple single line tattoo shows split faces, which of course represent the 'split personality' of a Gemini. 
Artist unknown. 

This one is absolutely stunning!  A decorative floral piece which incorporates the Gemini glyph through negative space.  It's a lovely tattoo idea for Geminis who want an intricate piece. Artist unknown. 
The two pillars.  This shows how each side of the Gemini personality holds the other one up.  What a gorgeous traditional style tattoo. Artist unknown. 

We LOVE this colourful and funky Gemini tattoo. The colour-blend here is just perfect. Artist unknown. 

Two tigers that represent Gemini's dual personality.  The tigers look like they're in conflict with each other, however they balance each other out perfectly, which can be said for Gemini's personality. Artist unknown. 

If you're a Gemi and have a horoscope tattoo that represents your star sign then why not get in touch?  There are tonnes of beautiful styles that star sign tattoos come in, and we'd love to see more!  Perhaps you're a tattoo artist who has created some stunning horoscope tattoos, and if so, it'd be great to hear from you!  Leave us a comment in the box below.   
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  • Antonia McLoughlin