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Getting tattooed on holiday - things you should know | The Aftercare Company

Holiday tattoos can be beautiful reminders of wonderful times in the sun and a lovely way to reminisce with your friends. However, they can also be regrettable souvenirs that last a lifetime. Tattoos may seem like a great idea at the time. You and your friends are in a euphoric mood, you're loving life, and you want to cement your love for your pals and your holiday destination of choice... but think wisely before heading to the nearest tattoo studio.
If you do decide to get tattooed whilst on holiday, think carefully about what you'd like to get. If you haven't had a tattoo before, or if you aren't the kind of person who'd get tattooed in any other circumstance, make sure you have a long hard think about the design you're about to permanently tattoo on your skin. Choose wisely,  'I <3 Malia 2018' may seem like a great idea when you're sitting around the pool sipping Margaritas, but will you still be as keen on the idea when you're out of that care-free mindset and back to reality in England?

Another thing to remember is that, well, you're on holiday! You've gone to enjoy the sea, the beach, the pool—you can't do this if you've just been tattooed (it's extremely inadvisable). Should you decide to get tattooed, unless it's on the very last day of your holiday, you'll need to spend the rest of your time avoiding these places (which kind of defies the whole point of the holiday)! Either that, or you'll carry on regardless, which will most likely result in an infected tattoo that is painful, doesn't look nice, won't heal properly, and will probably require antibiotics.

Secondly, and most importantly—choose a reputable studio. If you're not big on tattoos, finding the right tattoo artist in the UK can be hard enough when you don't know where to start. There are so many artists and studios to choose from right on your doorstep. It'll be even harder trying to suss out where's clean, reputable, and offers good quality work in a foreign country you know nothing about. Take your time, do your research, and don't get tattooed on a whim. 

It goes without saying, but NEVER get a tattoo while drunk or under the influence of drugs. Many tattoo studios based in holiday destinations rely on tourists for most of their business. This is totally fine, but most of these studios are open until midnight, which naturally means a lot of their clients will have had a drink (or 10), or will have taken some form of drugs. Under no circumstances should you get tattooed whilst under the influence of alcohol or any other substances.  Any reputable tattoo artist won't even allow you in their tattoo studio whilst you're drunk, high, or whatever..  and if they do then this should be an instant warning sign that you should get out of there. Now.  Aside from the fact making big decisions when your faculties are not present is a terrible idea, drugs and alcohol can thin your blood and cause excess bleeding which won't do the tattoo or yourself any good.  If a tattoo studio/artist is happy to tattoo you when you're intoxicated, then you have to question what other standards they're letting slip. 

Once you've decided to get your tattoo, have chosen a reputable artist and are stone-cold sober, you need to make sure on tattoo day that you've eaten and drunk plenty of water. This advice applies to anyone getting tattooed, no matter where you are, but it especially applies to you if you're somewhere really hot. Tattoo sessions and dehydration don't mix, so make sure you've had a decent meal and come armed with plenty of water.
After you've had your tattoo, the most important thing to remember is that aftercare is everything. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: the aftercare process is crucial for anyone getting tattooed. If you insist on getting tattooed whilst on holiday, don't think that you can skimp on the aftercare process or start it once your holiday finishes. The maintenance of your new tattoo is especially important whilst on holiday. Keeping it cling-filmed when necessary, clean, and away from the beach, the sea, the pool etc, is paramount and the best way to ensure that no infections can occur. Presumably, you want your tattoo to heal perfectly so that it looks good for a lifetime, and the only way to give this a fighting chance is to look after it during the healing process. Your tattoo artist should advise you on the best aftercare products available, and there are tonnes of brands that you can get hold of, such as The Aftercare Company. Make sure you stock up when you have your tattoo.

So, there you have it - a little advice for those who are debating holiday tattoos! If you're planning on getting tattooed this summer then head over to our website where we stock a brilliant range of tattoo aftercare from The Aftercare Company. 



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