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Ghoulish Ghost Tattoos | Eternal Tattoo Ink White


Halloween is finally here, and it's officially the spookiest day of the year!  In the run up to October 31st, we've looked at a range of creepy tattoo themes, including Pumpkins, Devils, Michael Myers, and other scary beings, and today we're taking a look at some ghoulish ghost tattoos.  Whether or not you believe in ghosts, we're sure you'll appreciate these creepy tattoos of apparitions, ghouls, and entities to get you in the Halloween spirit! 

Ghosts are often described as paranormal beings; the spirits of people who have died that continue to live on, manifesting themselves to people in a ghostly form, haunting a particular place or person.  Also described as spirits, phantoms, or ghouls, many people don’t actually believe in ghosts, as there’s no solid proof for their existence. What may appear to be a ghostly figure can often be explained as  a hallucination, a dream, or an item of clothing hanging up on your door that looks suspiciously like some kind of paranormal being! However, others who claim to have experienced a ghost are adamant that the apparition they’ve encountered is more than just a trick of the mind... 

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the idea of the afterlife is fascinating, and ghost stories are a brilliant way to get into the Halloween spirit!  Some people have taken their love for all things spooky by getting ghost tattoos on them. We’ve came across some amazing ghost tattoos, and as stockists of Eternal Tattoo Ink White (which is perfect for ghost tattoos), we just had to share them with you! Get spooky with us, and check out these ghoulish ghost tattoos! 

We’re in love with this spooky ghost dog from our lovely sponsored artist Georgiie Gibbs! A little golden retriever covered in a white sheet. He’s definitely getting into the Halloween spirit!

Another one from Georgiie – a cute little pink ghost sat behind a grave stone. ‘It’ll all end in tears'.  A creepy one for Halloween.

This traditional tattoo done by Kate Collins is amazing!  A spooky sheet ghost lady who looks like she’s having a brilliant time! 

This one is incredible. A really eerie tattoo of a little ghost. The grainy dotwork effect is really haunting and gives it that spooky air about it. 

By Oleksander Riabicho. This ghost looks quite menacing with it’s sunken eyes. Terrifyingly good!

We love this blackwork piece.  A rather ominous tattoo done by @Roxansink - 'Ghost of you'.  It's creepy and evocative. 

We’re loving this simple blackwork piece from Dani Belle! A cool ghost lady sat next to a lantern. This style is just lovely. 

BOO!! A colourful piece from Isobel Morton. A cute but creepy ghost to bring out the spirit of the 31st October! 

Will you be doing any Halloween flash this Halloween? If so, then why not get in touch and show us your work? We’re really keen to see more ghostly tattoos of ghouls, so leave us a comment below! We stock Eternal Tattoo Ink White over on our website, so if you’re looking to create a ghost tattoo, then why not check it out?  Whatever you're up to this Halloween, we hope you have an amazingly spooky time.  

Love Toni

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