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Grumpy Cat Tattoos to mark the life of Grumpy Cat | buy Tattoo Studio Cleaning products online

Every few years, a new internet sensation comes and sweeps us off our feet.  These legends are few and far between, but once in a while, a new one will come along and win the hearts of the nation, and who could be more beloved than Grumpy Cat?

Tadar Sauce, more famously known as Grumpy Cat took the internet by storm in 2012, becoming a viral sensation because of her hilarious grumpy facial expressions.  This cute but cold little feline suffers from dwarfism, combined with an underbite which gave her her miserable expression.  
Unfortunately, earlier this month Grumpy Cat passed away at 7 years old, but she seemed to have lived a happy life full of love and support from her adoring owners (and fans), despite her constant expression of annoyance. 
At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Tattoo Studio Cleaning products online, we wanted to pay tribute to Grumpy Cat by rounding up some of the most hilarious Grumpy Cat tattoos we could find!  If you're a fan of this celebrity feline, then make sure you check out these funny Grumpy Cat tattoos. 
First up, done by @Jason13_tattooart, we love this Birthday Grump Cat who clearly doesn't want to be a part of the celebrations!  This stunning new-school style tattoo represents Grumpy Cat perfectly with his angry expression. 
'No, No, Notorious'.  Grumpy Cat in the form of Biggie. Artist unknown. 

'I hate you'.  A phrase we imagine Grumpy Cat quite often uttered to herself.  Done by @gummocwb

A not-so-Lucky Cat.  We love this comical little Grumpy Cat piece. Artist unknown. 

An incredible and rather regal-looking portrait of Grumpy Cat in all her glory.  Gorgeous work from Jason Weaver. 

This abstract Grumpy Cat is insane! Even though it's bold and simple, Grumpy Cat's disapproving expression is still captured perfectly. Artist unknown. 

The ultimate traditional Grumpy Cat tattoo.  'You're an idiot'.  This satanic Grumpy Cat is hilarious. Artist unknown. 

Tonnes of cute and crazy Grumpy Cat tattoos that have surfaced following the sad news of Grumpy Cats passing, but fortunately her legacy will forever live on in the form of tattoos.  If you have a Grumpy Cat tattoo then please share!  Get in touch with us in the comment box below.  We're glad that Grumpy's memory will stay alive forever through her adoring fans.  May she rest in peace. 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin