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Historical Trivia about Tattoos | Buy the best tattoo supplies online

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we love a bit of tattoo trivia., and over the past year or so we’ve looked at some really interesting and fun facts about tattoos. We’ve recently came across some more bits of historic trivia about tattoos, so we just had to share it with you! 

If you’re looking to buy the best tattoo supplies online then you’ve came to the right place. Whilst your checking out our online store why not check out these fascinating pieces of historical tattoo trivia?

1. King Harold II of England had quite a lot of tattoos. This is the only way people were able to identify his body after the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

2. George C. Reiger Jr. has over 1,000 Disney tattoos, and crazily this includes  all 101 Dalmatians. He had to request special permission from Disney because their images are copyrighted. 

3. During the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries tattoos were very popular with English and Russian royals.  They were so expensive that common folk were not able to  afford them. When tattoos became affordable to the lower classes, people began to view them as “trashy” until the tattoo renaissance in the mid 20th century

4. Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire armband tattoo was SO famous that it was largely responsible for the massive  rise in popularity of tattoo armbands through the late 90s.

5. Although in pop culture it is depicted differently, all of the tattooed Egyptian mummies discovered to date are female. Egyptologists believe that these designs are symbols of fertility.

6. The sadistic and rather evil Roman Emperor Caligula kept himself amused by randomly ordering members of his court to be tattooed

7. The earliest known tattoo that signifies something other than a decorative pattern is of the god Bes, the Egyptian god of revelry. These tattoos were discovered on female Nubian mummies dating from 400 B.C.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these weird bits of historical tattoo trivia as much as we have! The tattoo world was certainly a strange one throughout the ages and were always eager to learn more fun tattoo facts, so why not leave us a comment below if you have any? Make sure you check out our webstore if you’re looking for the best tattoo supplies online.

Love Toni

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