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Horoscope Tattoos - Cancer the Crab | Tattoo Stencil Solution

June 22nd to July 22nd is represented by the star sign Cancer. Cancer is a water sign, characterised by the crab. If you fall under this mysterious star sign, then you may have been described as an intuitive individual, who can seem quite cold and stand offish at first impressions, but once Cancer has decided to befriend you, you’re sure to have a friend for life. 

This intuitive sign are often said to have psychic abilities which help them make pre-emptive decisions when it comes to love and relationships, given their 6th sense. Cancers are absolutely not fans of small talk and revel in the idea of deep and meaningful conversations, so you’re going to need to have something interesting to say if you’re planning on impressing a Cancer sign! 

When it comes to Cancer tattoos, there are so many great ways in which Cancer the Crab can be represented, and an array of really cool tattooing styles in which to portray them. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock a great range of stencil solution products, we’re all for mystical horoscope themed tattoos, and we’ve narrowed down some really incredible Caner themed tattoos.  Check them out here!...

A beautiful single needle outline of a Crab. This simple style works great for horoscope tattoos. Artist unknown. 

A lovely decorative traditional woman tattoo featuring an old school crab
The colours here are really pretty. Artist unknown. 

A brilliant muted colour tattoo. We love that this features the Gemini Star Sign symbol too which ties in nicely with the design. Artist unknown. 

A crab claw! This is a great tattoo for a Cancer sign as it’s a little snippet of a Crab, so you don’t need to commit to the full creature if you don’t want to. Artist unknown. 

A brilliant close up of a Crab. The colours in this Cancer-themed tattoo are stunning. Artist unknown. 

A bold black and grey Cancer themed foot tattoo. The placement of this piece is really nice. Artist unknown. 

A creepy skull incorporated into this two toned Crab tattoo. This artist’s style looks really unique! Artist unknown. 

We love all of these incredible Cancer the Crab themed tattoos, and we’d love to see more if you have any, or if you've created any for that matter! Just make sure you leave us a comment in the box below to get in touch.  Remember, if you’re after a great range of tattoo stencil solution then head over to our website where we stock a huge variety of stencil solution products. 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin