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Incredible backpiece tattoos | Buy couch rolls online


Backpieces are a great opportunity to have a large scale tattoo that not only flows well with the shape of the body, but also allows for as much or as little detail as possible.  You can pick one large concept, for example a huge scale animal head, that fits the whole surface area, or, if you want you can create a detailed scene which depicts many aspects, such as a battle scene or a religous scene.  There really are no limits with backpieces which is the sheer beauty of them.  


Of course, it's not easy getting a back piece.  It's a lot of time, money, and pain to be endured, but it's totally worth it.  The only downside to having a backpiece is that you can never fully see it yourself, which is where photos come in handy.  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy couch rolls online, we've rounded up some lovely backpieces that we wanted to share with you.  Check them out.


First up, a brilliant Japanese backpiece from Mikkel Ostberg. 


Another perfect Japanese themed backpiece from Mikkel.  He has tonnes of Japanese backpieces on the go at the moment, and we can't wait to see them finished. 


A gorgeous black and grey chicano style backpiece from Mikkel.  Black and grey backpieces are timeless and are hugely popular. 


A wonderful peacock themed backpiece by Stephanie Melbourne.  Her first ever backpiece - and we think it's amazing. 


Another one from Stephanie Melbourne.  A medusa themed backpiece.  The placement of everything in this is just perfect.  Lovely work. 


Done by Raphael Tiraf, this traditional Japanese backpiece is phenomenal. Probably one of the most favoured styles when it comes to backpiece tattoos. 


So there you have it, some incredible backpieces that we think you'll love. We really like seeing your tattoos, so if you've got a brilliant backpiece that you'd like to show us, then drop us a comment below!  Make sure you check out our website where you can buy Couch Rolls online. 



Love Toni

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