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Incredible blackwork tattoos from Josh Hurrell | Dynamic Tattoo Ink online


This week we're taking a look at the brilliant blackwork tattoos done by our pro-team member Josh Hurrell. Josh's work tends to consist of neo-traditional style pieces in the form of blackwork, with common subject matter such as dark portraits, flowers and animals.  One thing that really stands out in Josh's work is the intricacy and detail he creates from his lines and shading.  For example, we love the way Josh shades the petals in his floral tattoos, using a series of lines to create a shaded effect, which is a great technique that makes his blackwork tattoos really eye-catching. 

Blackwork has always been a popular style, and over the past couple of years its popularity seems to have increased tenfold, as it's such a versatile form of tattooing.  There's a broad spectrum of styles that can be achieved when it comes to blackwork, and whether it's blackwork in the form of geometry or abstract work, or if you're into more traditional styles of tattooing, we're sure you'll really appreciate the incredible neo-traditional style blackwork tattoos that Josh produces.  

If like Josh you’re a fan of blackwork tattoos then make sure you head over to our website where you can purchase Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink online. Read on to see some incredible blackwork tattoos done by Josh! 

A gorgeous lady head surrounded by a snake. This kind of style is typical of Josh’s work, which often has an elegantly dark twist to it.

A stunning hand tattoo. Josh’s work is always super clean and bold - another reason why it stands out so much! 

A neo traditional gentleman, with shading in all the right places! 

This skull tattoo is phenomenal. The lines used in place of shading here are a beautiful example of how effective Josh’s method is for creating a shaded effect.

An insane chest piece! Symmetrical work is never easy, but Josh has done an amazing job of this incredible piece. 

Last but not least, one of our favourites. A beautifully dark Grim Reaper themed tattoo. 

If you’re into blackwork tattoos then do make sure you check out more of Josh’s unique and brilliant work right here.  If you’re in the Haverhill area then be sure to pay Josh a visit at Legacy Tattoo and see more of his amazing work! For all you blackwork fans, head over to our website where you can buy Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink online, as well as Triple Black, White, and Heavy White. 



Love Toni 

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