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Incredible Skull Tattoos | Fusion Ink Nikko Hurtado's Bone

Halloween is just around the corner, and we're really excited.  We've been looking at loads of creepy Halloween-themed tattoos recently to get into the spirit of the season, and this week we're focusing on skull tattoos. Skulls have a tonne of different meanings and significance behind them, so there are plenty of various reasons that people choose to have skulls tattooed on them.  They're often a pretty misunderstood choice of subject matter, and don't always necessarily represent death, like a lot of people would usually associate skulls with. 

Rightly so, skulls are indeed associated with death, but more often than not, skull tattoos are not morbid, or trying to symbolise death and doom.  It's often an acceptance of mortality, and shows the celebration of life.  For example, the Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) holiday in Mexico honours and celebrates the lives of those who have passed. 

Regardless of their meaning, we think skull tattoos look really cool, and they can be portrayed in so many different styles of tattooing, which is a bonus!  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Fusion Ink Nikko Hurtado's Bone, which is the perfect colour for skulls, we love checking out amazing Halloween and skull-themed tattoo work, so why not check some out with us?!

A perfect realistic skull tattoo done by the extremely talented Steven Bugeja.  Featuring a regal crown.  We're loving the insane amount of detail in this piece. 

A gorgeous abstract piece by Lauren Roberts.  This is an incredible piece, and the colours used are lovely. 

A trio of skulls, done by Shrek Matthews.  The orange colour is a great effect, especially for Halloween!  The spider sat on top of one of the skulls makes the design that little bit creepier.  Excellent work. 

We're loving this blackwork piece by David Mushaney.  The slight abstract effect is perfect, and the cross-hatching in the shadows looks really cool.  A really talented artist. 

No skull blog would be complete without an old school traditional skull, and this one is brilliant! Done by Daniel Papi, the hints of colour in this cobweb covered skull are a lovely touch. 

Another excellent old school piece done by Rodolfo Jiminez.  This time, featuring Luci from Disenchantment (which is a really great show if you get chance to watch it!)

We're loving all of these traditional style tattoos!  A wonderful one from Tessa Tattoo.  A simple old school skull, featuring some flames. 

This tattoo is phenomenal.  Done by the incredibly talented Sandy Riffard, the detail here is crazy.

We hope you've enjoyed admiring these skull tattoos just as much as we have. There are so many different styles that skull tattoos can be made in, and it'd be brilliant to see some styles that we haven't already featured whilst we patiently await the arrival of Halloween.  If you've recently made some skull themed tattoos then why not get in touch by leaving us a comment below?  If you're planning on having a Halloween themed flash day, then why not get hold of Fusion Ink Nikko Hurtado's Bone, which is great for skull, and skeleton themed work!

Love Toni

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