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Intricate Ear Tattoos - Sorry Mom Tattoo Aftercare Balm

Helix tattoos (located in the ear's upper cartilage) are perfect for those who want a discreet and minimalist ear tattoo that their hair can cover. Helix tattoos grace the curve of the upper ear and are usually tiny and intricate. They look great and you can get very creative with the design. Some choose to have the inside of their ears done, others opt for the outer part at the top of the ear. Either way, we think they look great! 

From beautiful floral designs to little geometric symbols, there are tonnes of cute ideas out there. Helix tattoos are also a great alternative to cartilage piercings, which can sometimes cause damage to the area. They are a brilliant form of body art currently taking Instagram by storm. As a supplier of Sorry Mom Tattoo Aftercare Balm, we love all things tattoos and are keen to keep up with the latest tattoo trends!

Because they’re so tiny and on cartilage, the aftercare process should be relatively easy and quick but they still need looking after like with any other tattoo. It’s also worth noting that shampoo and conditioner should be avoided during the healing process as this can irritate the tattoo. 

The tattoo process itself can be quite painful though with it being such a sensitive area. According to some sources, ear tattoos can cause temporary jaw lock, headaches, and dizzy spells, so think carefully before you decide to go through with an ear tattoo! The best thing to do is talk it through with a reputable tattoo artist who’ll be able to give you the best information and advice about the procedure and make sure it’s done as safely as possible! 

Check out some of these intricate ear tattoos!
Intricate little rose tattoo
A beautiful dotwork flower
Another flower that wraps perfectly onto the face, and a little moon to accompany it
We love this one! Cleverly fitted with a piercing to give the effect of a flower

So there you have it, some amazing ear tattoos that are as discreet as they are beautiful! If you’re getting tattooed then don’t forget to check out our huge aftercare range. Be sure to get hold of some Sorry Mom Tattoo Aftercare Balm, which is perfect for use on your tattoos! Don’t forget to leave us a comment if you have any helix tattoos.

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin